Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Amaan's Grill House

Wow wow wow!!  Now that was a curry.  Top draw!  Amaan's Grill House, on Legrams Lane, have just served up a stonker.

The Palak Gosht was served sizzlingly hot in an impressive looking metal bowl and was verging on perfect for me.  Proper dark and rich - the kind of dark and rich produced from properly cooked down onions.  I think ghee must have been used... adding to the richness. There was an underlying sweetness, and yummy lingering after taste. Although containing spinach, there was little of that characteristic irony flavour to the dish, and it was all about the richness.

Texturally, the Palak Gosht was slightly saucy, but certainly robust enough to stand proud in the bowl and also once transferred to plate.  No oozing and little bleeding of oil/ghee.  Meat quota good, and was present in every mouth watering mouthful.  Quality was essentially melt in the mouth - top marks.  

I understand Amaan's Grill House to have been started by two guys who split from the Lumb Lane Sweet Centre empire, and indeed the take away menu promises 'well know chefs' with over 25yrs experience serving the community.  The cool interior decor, friendly and efficient service, and bustling little restaurant are evidence of this, and Amaan's Grill House should be on everyone's  Must Visit list.

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