Friday, 16 November 2012

Going for a Curry...

Having recently received a bit of bad news, the perfect antidote was clearly to go for a Bradford Curry, and to include a few sherbet's en route.

With this in mind I recruited the long suffering Dad into the scheme, and off we ventured:

As with so many of my Bradford Curry eating adventures, they start here at Guiseley train station.
Only a 20 minute train journey to curry Nirvana.

First stop was the Sparrow Bier Cafe.
A fine cafe bar just behind Bradford Market there.
Lots of speciality beer including
local real ales as well as continental brews.
I had some Belgian loopy juice - La Chouffe!
They stock some nice wines too.
Next up the classic Fighting Cock.
Nestled down side streets, it's easy to walk by -
as did I for countless years -
but it's a place not to be missed.
Ask any local and I'm sure
they will be able to point you in the right direction.
Inside t'Cock is very pleasant, so don't be put off by it's perhaps
rather intimidating exterior.  A swift Chimay Blue was the order of the day.
Bradford is very photogenic too.   Here is a shot
of Lumb Lane Mills.  I can only imaging what these
places must have been like when they were in full swing?
The Barracks Tavern on Lumb Lane.  Not for the faint
hearted it must be said.  The smoking ban seems to be
more of a guide line here than a rule!

Finally to the Sweet Centre - this is after all a Curry Blog
not a drinking Blog!  Starters of lamb chops and fish pakora.
My lamb chops seemed a little soggy, as if microwaved
rather than tandoored?  Tasted good though with an
excellent and strong blend of spices.  Quite sharp on the
tongue as if marinated with plenty of citrusy juices.
Fish pakora was brilliant.  Soft flaky fish in a delicately
spiced batter.

Main courses left us feeling a little deflated.  My meat on the bone dish (see above) was just too hard core for me!
Grisly meat, bones and offal (!!yes there was a stray kidney in mine I'm sure of it) swimming in oil/ghee, was just not nice to eat.  I'm not normally too squeamish but on this occasion, it made me feel ill to eat it!  I think it was my bad dish
selection rather than a reflection on the Sweet Centre in general.  I have always enjoyed Sweet Centre curries.  This dish
may be authentic, for want of a better word, but, if so, then I fear I will have to stick firmly to my westernised curries
in the future!  Gutted!  Just when I needed the best curry in the world to cheer myself up I pick this one!

One final pint in t'Shouder helped somewhat to put behind
me the curry I'd just had.  However, my stomach had been
turned to such an extent that all I want ed to do was go home
and wallow in my own miseery!
Well, this trip to the Sweet Centre is one to put down to experience I feel.  Please don't be put off, and if you search my blog you will see I have raved about the retaurant on several occasions.  Just be careful of the meat on the bone is my advice.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I just can't stop myself...

A friend, and Bradford Curry Club member, Pete's birthday, and an invite to his bash at Westbourne Spice in Otley.  An offer not to be missed, and surely an opportunity to just go out an eat curry... just for fun... just like the olden days.  You see, with Westbourne Spice being in Otley* - not Bradford -  I can take off my Bradford Curry Blogger t-shirt and just relax for the evening.

However, I just can't stop myself.

So here goes but, as with other posts on here for restaurants that aren't directly associated with Bradford, I shan't dedicate many column inches to their cause.  Westbourne spice is worthy of note though. 

The restaurant is sizable, clean and modern - and the trendy 'mood lighting' gives the whole lot a purple hue.  From what I could gather all the food was highly regarded. I initially ordered a lamb and spinach Balti, but was advised by the knowledgeable and friendly waiter to go for the Karahi version instead. Whether he was right or not, I don't know, but the dish served, in a searingly hot metal bowl, was delightful.  Just the right amount of heat, good meat count and generally decent texture to the whole dish, in that kind of modern deconstructed style.  It was an all round top notch dish.

For starters, I went for another staple of mine - Sheekh Kebab.  These were excellent too, and were full of meaty and spicy flavour, and come highly recommend.

So all in all very nice.  If in Otley, Westbourne Spice are well worth checking out I reckon.

* NB  Westbourne Spice is on Bradford Road in Otley, so kind of counts after all.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Well done to Bradford Curry

Well done to Bradford for being crowned Curry Capital for the 2nd year on the bounce.