Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Amaans Grill & Takeaway, Bowling

Amaans Grill & Takeaway has got the be the (newly discovered to me) cheapest - well what I mean is best value for money - joint in Bradford?

Medium Meat Masala

Got to be... just look at the prices... Medium curries (curries come in medium and large portions) from £3.50, Naan Kebabs from £2, Naan 50p, 4No, Rotis £1!!!!  Unbelievable!  And you know what?  It was alright - well good even. I went for Medium Meat Masala and Naan Bread - £4.50.  Let me give a little more detail:

To be fair, Amaans is more a take-away, rather than sit down curry cafe or restaurant, but there were four or five tables inside - enough seating for a few small parties of diners - and the place was presentable.  A counter and open kitchen is to the back of the shop - à la a take-away.  On ordering, the encouraging sounds of banging and clattering started in earnest.

The decent portion of curry - remember this is the medium sized option - arrived on a metal plate with a small pile of lettuce on the site, and a plastic spoon.  The naan was presented to the side on a little plastic basket, lined with the opened up wrapping from a Walkers Crisps Multi Pack! Beef I think?  Well it was brown at least!  Novel, but no reason to turn a nose - just re-cycling.

All was good - the curry was fresh and tasty with good quality melt in the mouth meat.  And was consistent with what I considered earlier to be the sounds of a freshly prepped dish. Not oily at all and, when compared to the Big Dogs in town, stood up well to comparison.  Naan was good too.

So no complaints.  In fact nothing but praise really.  Fair do's, not the kind of place for a first date perhaps, but what can you say... Amaans seems to be knocking out pretty decent quality curries at a totally VFM price point.  I only popped in for a quick dinner and was dealt with efficiently and friendlily.  Further investigation will be undertaken.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

World Curry Festival 2014

City Park looked splendid in the summer sun
I've been a bit slack recently with my Blogging, and I was looking forward to the World Curry Festival 2014 for a bit of inspiration and something to get my teeth into.

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Kashmir Smashing It!!

Trips to The Kashmir are regular occurrences, and these days always top notch, value for money and a jolly good hardcore Bradford Curry.  Also, 'The Kash' always seems to through up splendid photo opportunities.  Below are a few from our last visit:  
Classic Bradford Curry House
Popadoms and an iPad kept Izzy happy.  The Onion Bhaji
are one of my all time faves in Bradford.

Lamb and Lentil was top draw

Happy campers exiting The Kash.  The steps
down to the basement cafe is a must do
Bradford Curry eating experience!
kashmir Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Yaadgaar - Breakfast a Study #5

Yaadgaar, on Leeds Road, Bradford must be fairly new - or at least very well kept, as it all seems shiny and very clean.  As you enter, a counter, spread well with traditional sweets, greets you perpendicularly to the frontage of the shop, and there are a couple of small tables and bars with high stools.  Pretty relaxed feel to the place.  Posters on the walls promise a plethora of products, both sweet and savory, and all looks very nice.

Late Breakfast was the order of the day, but rather than messing about sitting and bothering with a menu... "Do you do Chana Puri Breakfast please?" I chimed to the bloke behind the counter.... seemed the perfect opening gambit.  "We do the the Chana, but not Puri's..."  "Puris are pretty greasy... but we do Parathas if you like?"  "I'll have that then!"  Sorted. Happy days.