Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bradford - Curry Capital 2014

Well we've done it again - the mighty Bradford and Bradford Curry has retained the title of Curry Capital of Britain for the forth year on the bounce - very impressive.  The results:

1 - Bradford
2 - Brighton
3 - Birmingham

Aakash, Kiplings, Shimla Spice and Zaara's all represented Bradford, and brought the prize home. Well done all.

Spicy Corner, Forster Square

Spicy Corner sells spicy fodder and is on a corner... so does exactly what it says on the tin really!

Spicy Corner is located to the northeast of the city centre, and is away from the Bradford Curry hotspots of the Uni or Leeds Road say, and is somewhat off the beaten track.  A bit of a funny area of town really.  Having said that it is just across the road from the Forster Square shopping estate, so benefits from substantial footfall I would have thought.  The only eating alternative in the vicinity is a Maccy D's on the estate itself. 

Spicy Corner - the front elevation

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Curry Flavoured Mule Bars!!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but when not eating curry and/or drinking beer, I quite like to go for a ride on my push bike...  So what is any self respecting Bradford Curry eating cyclist to do when out on the road?  Samosa's??  Maybe... and it has been considered!  Well, the answer may be here with the new Eastern Express Energy Bar from Mule.
Spicy Flavours Permeate Everything These Days