Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What to do during the quiet times.....

Been a bit quiet on the Bradford Curry Eating front recently - due to one thing or another. So, what does the Bradford Curry addict do in such occasions?

Perhaps at this junction I should make a small confession – I know this is the Bradford Curry Blog and I am John the Bradford Curry Blogger, but I don’t actually live in Bradford!! Shock horror? I actually live in a Leeds postcode area – but only 15mins from Bradford – so I hope that qualifies me to some extent?

So, back to the plot….. Firstly there is the local takeaway. Now, there a couple of options local to us, including branch of the Leeds Road, Bradford based Saffron Desi. However, my fave squeeze at the moment is Menston Spice (, who’s Chicken Chaat on a Puree and Naga (naga chilli imported from Bangladesh) are delicious. They also do duck, lobster, scallop and tropical fish specials, so a big up to them.

Wife out on the town, baby in bed…. What to do? Menston Spice CCcccuuuurryyyyyyyy

Secondly, and perhaps the more satisfying option, is the DIY option. Now, in all fairness, although not a bad cook, it is the Mrs department when it comes to wrestling up a curry. She does a cracker, and I am more than happy with my commi chef role.

Onion Bhaji process:

Chicken and Spinach – Bish bash bosh:

Lynda does the business:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bradford Curry Capital 2011 Bid

Please follow link below and lets get the ball rolling....

Kashmir you mess with my mind……

Kashmir 31/07/2011

Attendees: Jenny, Pete, Lilly, Dan, Rob, Gill, Lynda, Izzy and John

The day started with Lynda, Izzy and I taking part in the Bradford SkyRide – which allowed cyclists to circumnavigate Bradford city centre on closed roads. A good morning was had, and an appetite had been created for a spot of brunch.

The arrangement had been made to meet early (noon) at Omar’s (Home of Yorkshires Biggest Naans), and consultation with the website had suggested it’d be open, but as I wheezed my way up the side of the Alhambra, a call from Pete said Omar’s was very definitely closed. Bum!!

As the local saying goes round here…. ‘If in doubt default to the Kashmir’ so that’s what we did. It’s the staple curry in Bradford for this Blogger, and partly the reason for starting the Bradford Curry Club – as a means to try and get away from the place….

Credit to the Kashmir I guess but a little frustrating for me, who wants to be able to write about new experiences. Alas, it was a little early in the day, and most nearby establishments had yet to fire up their mighty tandors.

One thing about the Kashmir that has always surprised me is that no matter what time of day or night it is (and I’m sure in days of your, it was open 24hrs a day?? Seemed like

it any road) there are always people in!! And this occasion was no different, with two tables, totalling approximately ten diners, already tucking into yummy curry – at just past noon o’clock.

Service, as always, is ‘with a smile’, and orders were soon efficiently taken and dispatched to the kitchen. No sitting around here and twiddling your thumbs. Bish bash bosh basically!! The selection of onion bhajis and fish pakoras soon arrived and boy were they good. Always a strong point – the Kashmir does deliver good starters.

The mains, usually a little let down in my humble opinion, were also excellent on this visit. My Chana Masala, was full of flavour, and not oily at all. The Peshwari naan is the best in the business. Lynda’s Lamb Rogan Josh was also exceptional – dark, rich, melt in the mouth meaty (of a good quality) and dry – everything a Bradford curry should be.

All this for a total of just over £50 – to be honest you can’t go wrong really.

So yes, a new experience had been ‘experienced’ for want of a better word – actually being able to rave fully about the Kashmir for a change. Just Brill……

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