Monday, 15 December 2014

Taste of Paradise - Milton Keynes

I recently visited Milton Keynes...  A 'new town'...  So somewhere a bit different!  I've never been to a new town before, or anywhere quite like it really - lots of concrete!  

So no Bradford Curry, boo, but if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, I can assure you, all is not lost!  Milton Keynes does do curry, did provide a great weekend away, and everybody was lovely.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Cafe De Akbar

Is Akbar's the finest Bradford Curry eating experience in Bradford?  The eternal question has just reared its head yet again, following a fantastic trip to the new (new to me but has now been open a while to be fair) Cafe de Akbar.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Maureen's Caribbean Takeaway

And so it's back to the Caribbean... Well, when I say 'Caribbean' I really mean Leeds!   Well, to be fair, a very rainy autumnal lunch time in Leeds... It simply screams the Caribbean doesn't it?  OK - I am being a bit sarcastic - but if a rainy and cold Leeds doesn't feel like the Caribbean Maureen's Caribbean Takeaway, on Roundhay Road, will certainly make you feel half way there!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Amaan's Grill House

Wow wow wow!!  Now that was a curry.  Top draw!  Amaan's Grill House, on Legrams Lane, have just served up a stonker.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bradford - Curry Capital 2014

Well we've done it again - the mighty Bradford and Bradford Curry has retained the title of Curry Capital of Britain for the forth year on the bounce - very impressive.  The results:

1 - Bradford
2 - Brighton
3 - Birmingham

Aakash, Kiplings, Shimla Spice and Zaara's all represented Bradford, and brought the prize home. Well done all.

Spicy Corner, Forster Square

Spicy Corner sells spicy fodder and is on a corner... so does exactly what it says on the tin really!

Spicy Corner is located to the northeast of the city centre, and is away from the Bradford Curry hotspots of the Uni or Leeds Road say, and is somewhat off the beaten track.  A bit of a funny area of town really.  Having said that it is just across the road from the Forster Square shopping estate, so benefits from substantial footfall I would have thought.  The only eating alternative in the vicinity is a Maccy D's on the estate itself. 

Spicy Corner - the front elevation

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Curry Flavoured Mule Bars!!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but when not eating curry and/or drinking beer, I quite like to go for a ride on my push bike...  So what is any self respecting Bradford Curry eating cyclist to do when out on the road?  Samosa's??  Maybe... and it has been considered!  Well, the answer may be here with the new Eastern Express Energy Bar from Mule.
Spicy Flavours Permeate Everything These Days

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dhesi Grill

Cool Dhesi Dhesi Grill Tuk Tuk

Dhesi Grill is a really great cafe bar up Lilycroft Road, just above Lister's Mill there - ya' know... the massive chimney dominating the Bradford skyline.  Worth a gander in itself Lister's Mill if not seen before.

Anyway, Dhesi Grill represent the 'new breed' cafe bar and specialises in grills mainly, but with curries too. There are also a whole host of steaks, burgers, wraps, and stir fries even. Beverages include teas, coffees, lassi, shakes... no beer, and there are also deserts and cakes! Basically, anything anyone could ever desire, there is probably a option to cater.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Sheesh Mahal Quickie

Much has been written regarding the quality of the Sheesh Mahal dining experience, so I shan't go into too much detail again here.  But... essentially..., our early lunch time visit was greeted by an initially empty restaurant, which soon began to fill as peoples bellies began to rumble.  The usual quick and friendly service was in evidence, as was the complimentary popadons and pickle to nibble on whilst deciding.  So what to have?  The Methie is one of my Bradford Curry highlights, but to day felt like a Pathia day...

Pathia - A hot and sour dish cooked using fresh chilli, lemon juice (sic).  Well, it was indeed just that - I went for the mutton variety. The Pathia was super dry in the Sheesh Mahal, and Bradford, way, and deconstructed in appearance, with the major elements visible.  It was a substantially hearty portion, dense with meat -  cut small - with barely any evidence of sauce at all!  The saucy aspect was so minimal that even browned markings on the meat from the fast and hot cooking process were noticeable.  The meat on this occasion was perhaps a little tough but packed, infused even, with the sour lemon juicy zingy hit.  It packed a punch too, with plenty of heat, but not uncomfortably so.  The dish was perfectly seasoned and had added vibrancy from fresh coriander.  It was a great dish.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

All new Mughals - Breakfast a Study #6

After a rather lengthy refurbishment, Mughals is now back open and fully operational.  On entering, it is clear a total overhaul has been undertaken.  The main counter has been moved and is now perpendicular to the entrance, off to the left, but the main semi open kitchen and general shape of the room have remained essentially the same.  The extra room provided with the sweet counter re-positioning, is now filled with extra tables and chairs.  The decore is all modern cream floor tiles, dark wood and cream leatherette seats.  Nice.

An early visit for me for my first visit since the refurb, so channa puri breakfast was ordered.  I fancied a pink tea but... no pink tea!  I was told it was being made and was 4hrs away! I said it's ok I'll wait, but I think my joke was lost on the waiter!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Akmal's Tandoori Bisto, Leeds

The old toilet block never looked so good

Akmal's Tandoori Bisto,
235 Woodhouse Lane,
Leeds LS2 3AP,
United Kingdom.

0113 242 4600

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25th July 2014 - Evening.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Amaans Grill & Takeaway, Bowling

Amaans Grill & Takeaway has got the be the (newly discovered to me) cheapest - well what I mean is best value for money - joint in Bradford?

Medium Meat Masala

Got to be... just look at the prices... Medium curries (curries come in medium and large portions) from £3.50, Naan Kebabs from £2, Naan 50p, 4No, Rotis £1!!!!  Unbelievable!  And you know what?  It was alright - well good even. I went for Medium Meat Masala and Naan Bread - £4.50.  Let me give a little more detail:

To be fair, Amaans is more a take-away, rather than sit down curry cafe or restaurant, but there were four or five tables inside - enough seating for a few small parties of diners - and the place was presentable.  A counter and open kitchen is to the back of the shop - à la a take-away.  On ordering, the encouraging sounds of banging and clattering started in earnest.

The decent portion of curry - remember this is the medium sized option - arrived on a metal plate with a small pile of lettuce on the site, and a plastic spoon.  The naan was presented to the side on a little plastic basket, lined with the opened up wrapping from a Walkers Crisps Multi Pack! Beef I think?  Well it was brown at least!  Novel, but no reason to turn a nose - just re-cycling.

All was good - the curry was fresh and tasty with good quality melt in the mouth meat.  And was consistent with what I considered earlier to be the sounds of a freshly prepped dish. Not oily at all and, when compared to the Big Dogs in town, stood up well to comparison.  Naan was good too.

So no complaints.  In fact nothing but praise really.  Fair do's, not the kind of place for a first date perhaps, but what can you say... Amaans seems to be knocking out pretty decent quality curries at a totally VFM price point.  I only popped in for a quick dinner and was dealt with efficiently and friendlily.  Further investigation will be undertaken.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

World Curry Festival 2014

City Park looked splendid in the summer sun
I've been a bit slack recently with my Blogging, and I was looking forward to the World Curry Festival 2014 for a bit of inspiration and something to get my teeth into.

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Kashmir Smashing It!!

Trips to The Kashmir are regular occurrences, and these days always top notch, value for money and a jolly good hardcore Bradford Curry.  Also, 'The Kash' always seems to through up splendid photo opportunities.  Below are a few from our last visit:  
Classic Bradford Curry House
Popadoms and an iPad kept Izzy happy.  The Onion Bhaji
are one of my all time faves in Bradford.

Lamb and Lentil was top draw

Happy campers exiting The Kash.  The steps
down to the basement cafe is a must do
Bradford Curry eating experience!
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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Yaadgaar - Breakfast a Study #5

Yaadgaar, on Leeds Road, Bradford must be fairly new - or at least very well kept, as it all seems shiny and very clean.  As you enter, a counter, spread well with traditional sweets, greets you perpendicularly to the frontage of the shop, and there are a couple of small tables and bars with high stools.  Pretty relaxed feel to the place.  Posters on the walls promise a plethora of products, both sweet and savory, and all looks very nice.

Late Breakfast was the order of the day, but rather than messing about sitting and bothering with a menu... "Do you do Chana Puri Breakfast please?" I chimed to the bloke behind the counter.... seemed the perfect opening gambit.  "We do the the Chana, but not Puri's..."  "Puris are pretty greasy... but we do Parathas if you like?"  "I'll have that then!"  Sorted. Happy days.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Recently I was approached (via the Blog) by some friends from out of town who were interested in learning more of the famous Bradford Curry. They asked primarily about the spicy aspect of Bradford Curry... "Is anywhere famous for doing really spicy food", "Where does the spiciest?" They asked.

I had a think, and eventually had to rather sheepishly admit to not knowing?  I couldn't think of anywhere necessarily 'famous' for doing spicy (or hot I guessed was what was being alluded to).  Once I had pondered further, I concluded that Bradford is the best in the country for many reasons, and doesn't need to do the gimmicky/food challenge type of thing at all.  However, I did stress to my friends, that in Bradford most restaurants will tailor their dishes to your tastes.  More often than not one is asked as to preferred spiciness.  You can probably have any dish you prefer as hot as you like!

Having said that, I did reminisce, about the days when me and the Mrs first started going out, and how I used to impressed her with my abilities at eating Vindaloos etc, and how it must have worked because we are still married!  But, more recently, actual taste has taken over as the driving force when it comes to enjoying a curry, rather than the laddy bravado "I can take double anything you can!" Type of thing!

However, I thought I'd best reacquaint myself with the hotter, bog standard, end of the curry scale... And to this end, to the International I went.  I bottled the Vindaloo though!  So instead went for Lamb Madras.  In the early days of my curry eating career, a Madras was my staple, and thought, therefore, a fitting benchmark.

The Lamb Madras was initially hottish, but not too bad. It was, however, a builder, and by end my nose was running and my tongue tender! I was glad of the final mouthful!  It possessed the consistency of loose gravy with chunks of meat swimming about. No determinable elements to the gravy, except for welcomed flecks of herb, and all in all it looked a little bit old fashioned.  The curry sauce did have a sharp peppery taste and the meat was tender, and the two crispy and fresh rotis were ample bread for the dish.  As expected from international it was very good and of high quality.  But is was perhaps a little one dimensional when compared with curries from the Special Menu.

As a post meal treat I sampled an Asian Tea - no 'pink tea' at the International so the recommended Asian Tea would suffice. Visually more like a traditional English tea, it was rich and milky and was gently spiced with cardamon etc.  It was served unsweetened and with a bowl of sugar. A couple of teaspoons of sugar for me made all the difference and the tea really took on a more decadent feel.

So to sum up.  It was good to revisit the Madras, but I feel my taste buds and expectations have moved on somewhat.  The International provided a superb Madras, no question, but I was left feeling like I'd missed out a tad.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Food Republic

Food Republic on Leeds Road, Bradford, is a bit of an enigma.  Nestled as it is in the epicenter of one of Bradford's curry hot spots, it trades blows closely with Akbars and Zouk to name but two.

Although driven past on numerous occasions, I'd never ventured in for fodder!  Peering through the window had given me the impression (from a muraled rear wall, visible from the car) that Food Republic concentrated more on coffee, paninis, pastries, etc, rather than curry.

However, on this occasion, a sign in the window promised Karahi with Naan or Rotis.  Time to give it a whirl.  Once sat at my table and reading the menu, it became obvious my initial ideas of what Food Republic was all about were a little off the mark.  Here is one of the new fangled cafe bar type eateries.  Although not wall to wall curries (the menu had four I believe and some biryanis), a massive Asian inspired grill menu was the main attraction.  The easy to follow menu utilised colour coding to simplify the ordering process.  You selected your grill of choice which had three prices adjacent in different colours - each colour represented either naan, rice, chips, etc.  Pretty simple really.  However, I've not fully embraced the 'grill' yet, so Meat Karahi it was.

The menu said all the food was freshly prepared and with the trendy decor etc, I was looking forward.  I was not offered any heat options when ordering, but a little later I did overhear the waiter ask the question to a near by table.  An easily done oversight, and I'm by no means criticizing, but merely pointing out, your curry of choice can be tailored to your personal preferences if required.

The Meat Karahi arrived in good time and suggested some care had been taking in its preparation.  It was light in colour, with a looseness good for dunking.  A full, quality, rounded flavour was accented with strong gingery overtones and a fair slap of heat.  It was quality and I enjoyed it very much.

Two massive fresh and tasty rotis were included but were no measure of my massive belly.  Sauces were also provided on the side, along with water.  All top quality service.

Again, Food Republic is yet another high quality Bradford eater, and is well worthy of a visit.  Bradford is the Best in the World!!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Tasty's Karahi Restaurant, Leeds

'The best curry in Leeds', 'consistently excellent food and service', etc.  Punters on Tripadvisor are very complimentary with regard to Tasty's Karahi Restaurant.

Open for lunch, and then presume right through the closing, Tasty's is a proper little traditional style Curry House nestling at the bottom of Roundhay Road in Leeds and has plain and clean decor with red velour seats and unadorned tables.

Given a few minutes to peruse the menu I noted all the traditional curries were covered and along with a large specials selection too, and I knew I wouldn't be left wanting.  I went for the staple Meat Palak (spinach) as this is the curry I usually try everywhere for comparison.  It's one my favorites too.  I was asked how hot I wanted it too - nice touch.  However, after recent 'manning up' episodes, I stuck with middle of the road.  Three chapatis included too - the Bradford way!  Happy days.

Promising sounds of sizzling, metal on metal scraping, and clattering, soon emanated from the kitchen behind, suggesting my dish was being freshly prepared.  All too soon my dish arrived. Fist visual impressions were excellent, it looked super fresh and steaming.  It was very Bradfordian - ie dark and dry, and stood proud in the dish. No soup here.  Smelt excellent too.  The curry came with side salad (fresh for a change) and yogurt sauce, and the aforementioned chapattis. 

So to tucking in.  Firstly I was glad opted for 'middle of the road' heat, as it was spicy enough for me. Nice tingle around the lips and throat.  Lots of spinach not only added the familiar metallic flavour, but also an actual fresh tasting spinach hint.  Meat quota was good and was presented in larger chunks than maybe would be expected in Bradford.  Seasoning was good also, and overall the dish exhibited an all round air of quality and attention to detail.  Basically it was very good.  The chapattis were fluffy, hot and fresh. Not leathery.

Tasty's is a brilliant little place ans so glad I came across it.  Everyday day is a school day...

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lahore - Bradford

Chocolate Fondue and Belgian Waffle
Lahore, or MyLahore, I'm not quite sure, is a great place, and I cant believe it's been nearly three years since we visited this the original Lahore - here in Bradford. There are now Lahore's in Leeds, Manchester (Which I've visited in the interim) and Birmingham too - by the way - so branching out a bit.

 Birthday Girl Izzy

Our Tommy
Thursday dinner time, and my daughter Izzy's 4th Birthday treat to Lahore, and Lahore is heaving (all four floors!), with people almost queuing at the door!  Very VERY popular!  These trendy cafe style places, although not fully taken over from the original style 'Bradford curry house' are all the rage. Here at Lahore you are treated to trendy decor, with each floor exhibiting a slightly different colour trend, a vibrant atmos, fast and friendly service, and good value for money.

Also, you get treated to a varied menu, definitely leaning towards Asian cuisine, but also including pasta dishes, burgers, steaks, paninis, etc.  AND CAKES!  Yes plenty of cake.

The chairs proved to be the perfect little
girl trap - we did laugh! 
To be honest, today was my little girls Birthday, so I took my John the Bradford Curry Bloogers hat off, and just decided to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.  However, me being me, I took a few nice photos I thought I'd share... and thought I'd best just add a few words to boot too.

Food wise for me it was Chefs Special Desi Meat Karahi with Garlic Naan, Lynda went for Grilled Paneer on a Naan, and Izzy opted for kiddies smily faces and fish fingers!  Ggrrrr!  But at least it highlights that Lahore caters for everyone - no exceptions.  All arrived promptly and all was very very nice.

Desi Meat Karahi

The Desi Meat Karahi possessed that full bodied and rounded curry flavour.  No additional flavours such as spinach, methi, lime pickle, whatever, added the this karahi to mask the excellent taste.  The Garlic naan was good fresh and fluffy also, and the meal didn't last long!  The paneer on a naan was good too, grilled to perfection, and adding a lovely bbq flavour.  Portion size was perhaps a little more starter than main, but this was reflected in the price. 

This left plenty of room to treat ourselves to a couple of deserts!  Belgian Waffle and Chocolate Fondue.  No desert expert me, but I had no complaints.  I concentrated on the waffle, and it was waffley, ice creamy and chocolatey!  Very good.  The fondue was fun and Izzy enjoyed dipping the various fruits etc in the choc... who wouldn't?

We had an excellent time.  Lahore is bustling and a fun and great place to visit.  Smashing.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sheesh Mahal

Having recently decided to re-visit some of my favourite Bradford Curry Houses, and some of my favourite dishes, a trip to the Sheesh Mahal for their Mutton Methie (sic), was a must.  The Sheesh Mahal produce an excellent and text book Bradford Curry, which is essentially dark and dry. No soupy curries here.
Methi, or fenugreek as it's perhaps more commonly known, is essentially just a bitter herb, and is famed not only for it's taste, but also for medicinal uses.  The Sheesh utilise methi to the max in their Methie dishes and, like all great dishes, it's the flavour and textural balances that I think are key.  The Mutton Methie is always well seasoned and spiced.  The methi herb adds a unique and pleasant bitterness and, therefore, a flavour profile unlike other curries.  The bitterness is subtle, however, and moreish if anything.  I always think there is a sort of 'dusty' taste to the methi also.

The Excellent Mutton Metie, Two Rotis, pickles, side salad and popadom for £6.50

Also, as already mentioned is the texture of the Sheesh Mahal's curry is key to its enjoyment for me.  Being of the typically Bradfordian dry variety, it stays put in the bowl, and does not seep or ooze.  It is ideal when scooping with the included chappatis, rotis or naan.    

As always at the Sheesh Mahal, a small accompaniment of a popadon, side salad and pickles are included and brought with the menus.  So its an all-round proper Bradford Curry eating experience and all for super value for money (all the above for £6.50!) - and that's why the Sheesh rates highly with me. 

Satisfied Customer

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Punjabi Sizzler Bar and Grill

Another lunch time visit to the excellent Punjabi Sizzler and Grill, so lunch time menu it is again.

Difference?  The proprietor recognised me from the Blog!  My previous Punjabi Sizzler Blog (here) had received a lot of traffic to be honest - so shows there's quite a buzz about this place.  He's a nice guy and said he like the post. Happy days, but always a little awkward.  However, I've chosen to plaster my face across the internet as some sort of curry aficionado (which I'm not!) so is bound to happen occasionally. Hey ho.

Anyway, on to the fodder.  Today I tried a Seekh Kebab Wrap (for £3.50 and includes a drink) and then greedily ordered Veg Samosa Chaat (£2.50) at the last minute.  I was feeling hungry the order just inexplicably and uncontrollably blurted out!

The Samosa Chaat was again excellent. Very textural with plenty of crunch, and again super sour and with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and gently warming heat. Could eat it all day!

The Wrap was presented in a warp, funnily enough... as opposed to a naan or anything.  Two juicy and meaty kebabs wrapped with usual kebab related grated carrot etc.  I was asked how I wanted my wrap? "Everything on" was the response.  Punjabi Sizzler obliged.  The wrap was good and spicy without being overwhelming.  A lovely lunchtime snack.

Punjabi sizzler is a great place and we'll worth a trip. I need to rally the family and get down for an evening meal. From what I've experienced so far I'm sure it will be great.

Monday, 17 March 2014


The Blog is going from strength to strength, and has just passed the 40,000 hits milestone!  Thanks all for reading.

This I decided needed a small celebration, and in order to celebrate properly, a proper 'Old Skool' Bradford Curry was needed.  Therefore, I headed for one of MY - oh and that there Rick Stein guy's too - all time favourites - Karachi's Lamb and Spinach Balti. Quite simply one of the best dishes in Bradford - One of THE all time classics... end of. 

Today, as always, Karachi served their Lamb and Spinach Balti freshly prepared, and sizzling away in a Balti Dish.  It was verging on perfection!  From the first to last mouthful it is perfect in every respect. The seasoning was spot on, as was the amount of heat, and the balance of good quality meat to sauce was spot on too. The flavours of meat were good, and not masked by the sauce. The sauce, by the way, was irony from the spinach, and fresh tasting with coriander. The fresh coriander stalks stirred in at the end added further herby fresh bite. There is also a good tartness balanced with an underlying sweetness, and a lingering garlicness which stayed with me the rest of the day!  The dish looked right, smelt right and tasted right.

Like I say - virtually perfect.

3 included chapatis is all that is needed. Happy days.

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