Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What to do during the quiet times.....

Been a bit quiet on the Bradford Curry Eating front recently - due to one thing or another. So, what does the Bradford Curry addict do in such occasions?

Perhaps at this junction I should make a small confession – I know this is the Bradford Curry Blog and I am John the Bradford Curry Blogger, but I don’t actually live in Bradford!! Shock horror? I actually live in a Leeds postcode area – but only 15mins from Bradford – so I hope that qualifies me to some extent?

So, back to the plot….. Firstly there is the local takeaway. Now, there a couple of options local to us, including branch of the Leeds Road, Bradford based Saffron Desi. However, my fave squeeze at the moment is Menston Spice (, who’s Chicken Chaat on a Puree and Naga (naga chilli imported from Bangladesh) are delicious. They also do duck, lobster, scallop and tropical fish specials, so a big up to them.

Wife out on the town, baby in bed…. What to do? Menston Spice CCcccuuuurryyyyyyyy

Secondly, and perhaps the more satisfying option, is the DIY option. Now, in all fairness, although not a bad cook, it is the Mrs department when it comes to wrestling up a curry. She does a cracker, and I am more than happy with my commi chef role.

Onion Bhaji process:

Chicken and Spinach – Bish bash bosh:

Lynda does the business:


  1. Like the blog... good to see you are still a dedicated curry monster!

  2. Cheers Ben. Simply trying to get as much curry in as poss. Difficult sometimes though...