Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sunday Buffet at Aakash

It is big the Aakash - fills two floors of this old building
The 'Largest Indian Restaurant in the World' is the boast of Cleckheaton's
Aakash Restaurant in.  In a similar way to Omars 'Biggest Naans in Yorkshire' boast, it makes me wonder why size is becoming a measure of quality?

Aakash's cavernous interior
Anyway, the offer to join some Bradford Curry Club members on a swift early Sunday evening buffet to Aakash, was too much to resist, so off we trotted.  With a less than patient Izzy in tow, however, managing to study all aspects of the Aakash experience was simply beyond me, and chasing Izzy around its vastness was more the order of the day.  Therefore, this post is to merely jot some impressions and initial thoughts down.

Standard Buffet Fare
Suffice to say, Aakash seems to offer a top quality buffet experience, and the popularity of the restaurant speaks for this.  On the flip side, queues did form at the buffet, and we did find timing visits for food became more of a focus throughout the evening.  The food, was all good, but did perhaps have that MOR feel to it - ideal for a buffet, where catering far all tastes is paramount.

This curry loving family spent more time chasing their
beautiful little daughter around than eating curry
I need to visit again with my proper Bradford Curry Blogger head on really.

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