Monday, 13 August 2012

Doing the Rounds

Just a couple of quickies to a couple of my faves.  The International and the Karachi.


Bradford Curry lunches are becoming more and more regular in my curry eating calendar.  The International offers the perfect curry lunch.  The fantastic curry goes without saying, but choice of chapatis or naan, and included poppadon and pickles, make a meal from a single dish.  Today I thought I'd try something new, and opted for the Lamb Achari.  Achari is not a dish I select often, but here I'm so glad I did.  The addition of lime pickle in to one of Bradford's finest curry's added real zing to the proceedings.  I'll be going down the Achari route again soon.


Back to old faithful - Karachi's Lamb and spinach.  The Karachi again was quietly buzzing with a few tables taken by midday.  Just went straight for curry today due to just popping in for a quick lunch.  Soon arrived and was the usual verging on perfection quality, with no evidence of skimping on the early diners.  It soon disappeared and I was on my way.  Until next time...

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