Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Ambala on Great Horton Road

If you travel up Great Horton Road (GHR), above the University there, you'll spot a little curry house called Ambala.  Blink and you may miss it.

It is a place I have been aware of but never ever really felt like popping in.  However, at a loose end up GHR the other day - and it being about dinner time, I stopped for something to eat.  Small and unassuming, I  actually found Ambala a little daunting to enter - I don't know why?  Probably just because it was to be a totally new experience, and I was alone.  The initial small sweet counter had a few punters clustered around, but the cafe section, off to the right, was deserted.  A quick query to the bloke behind the counter was responded to with a nod, mutter and waving hand inviting me to sit.

Taking pictures of yourself whilst alone in a retaurant
is a little bit of s funny thing to be doing isn't it?
Plain tables and chairs are all that are needed and I was soon joined by more diners, and the waiter arrived and took my order.  Things were livening up.  My order of Lamb Karahi and Tandoori Roti was whisked to the kitchen, and I settled to have a go at the crossword in the paper.  No sooner had I penned the answers to a couple of clues, my dish arrived!  I was impressed and surprised at the speed, it must be said.

Now to the curry.  The bog standard Lamb Karahi was pleasing to the palate,  with refreshing zing from flavours of fresh ginger, chilli and coriander.  Indeed,  abundant coriander stalks and green chilli could be seem as flecks of colour running through the the dark, rich and meat laden Karahi.  Some heat was there - but not too much - certainly a lip tingler though!  

Lamb Karahi
All very nice, and the whole lot was consumed in a matter of minutes!  Few negatives really, but, to be overly critical, it was noted the serving dish was a little cold, which ultimately aided in the Karahi loosing temperature a little quicker than expected.  The Tandoori roti was fine - ideal for mopping up all the juices.

Overall Ambala was fine - good in fact.  Whether it had enough about it for me to rush back though I'm not sure.  You see, many of my favourite haunts are just down the road.  I certainly would not quibble at a return visit and, indeed, as the self proclaimed No1. Bradford Curry Blogger, I have duty to do so... And I will enjoy it too I'm sure.  Breakfast next time.

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