Monday, 3 October 2011

Al Fresco Curry

So, it’s a lovely sunny day – perhaps one of the last we’re likely to see for the year – I’ve just finished footy training with my beautiful daughter, and it’s nearing dinner time…..  What shall we do?  Go for an al fresco curry of course.

Isabella and Grand Pa tuck in
Now, as far as I’m aware, only Café Regal in Bradford, offer such a dinning experience, so it was there we ventured.

We arrived pretty early and not many people were in.  But we didn’t worry, and dived straight in with full mashings of Lamb and cheese kebabs – Izzy’s fave, Lamb Handi for me, and Channa Masala for Big Tone.  Accompanied by an Aloo Paratha and a garlic naan – oh and also a Mango Lasi for Izz Whizz.
Isabella enjoyed the chicken and cheese kebabs the most

The lamb and cheese kebabs are something a little different and perfectly acceptable – although this blogger still prefers the traditional shish kebab if I’m completely honest.  The kebab comprises minced chicken with the cheese kind of incorporated into it??  The channa masala was very good, with the chick peas very well cooked, and the dish almost taking on a mushy pea texture – in a good way.  The Lamb Handi was good, but perhaps a little run of the mill, and very oily.

The meal was followed by a few complimentary sweets which was a nice touch.

Cafe Regal is an excellent place to visit
Overall an excellent experience and one I hope to re visit on future sunny days.  However, the outdoor seating is not the only positive aspect to Café Regal, and its large sweet shop and trendy café are worth a visit any time of the day or night.

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