Friday, 14 October 2011

Din Dins at the International

Since reading my new friend Hector’s (The international curry guru from Glasgow and of Curry-Heute fame – check out his website) account of his recent trip down south to Bradford – and especially his near curry nirvana experience at the International, I simply had to re-visit.  But when?  Sneaking in a ‘Billy no mates’ lunchtime curry whilst in transit through the centre of Bradford, offered the perfect opportunity to take in the International. 

The 'Currymobile' outside the International

We at the Bradford Curry Club are big fans of the International, and rightly so – what with excellent curries, nice environment, efficient service and VFM, it has all the ingredients to make it a winner.

Hector’s weapon of choice was a Lamb Karahi Methi and he considered it one of the finest he’d ever tasted.  I thought it’d be rude of me not to indulge – so that was to be choice also. 

Billy no mates
I was sat straight away and provided with a solitary poppadon and sauces, and a jug of water.  The laminated menu was also presented for my perusal.  However, as already discussed, I’d already made my decision, and the waiter arrived to take my order with prompt efficiency.

Not spotting Lamb Karahi Methi on the menu did not deter me from ordering it, and the waiter was un-phased by my suggestion of a dish not officially offered (NB. I only glanced at the menu, and I could’ve easily missed it – I spotted Chicken Karahi Methi).  Included with all mains is either a naan, 3x chapattis, 2x Rotis, or rice.  It was naan for me.

Lamb Karahi Methi - Bradford curry at its best
I’d barely started the crossword before my meal arrived – piping hot in a little balti style dish.  I say little, but it was a fair old portion, and, being a lone dinner, I was pleased at my decision not to attempt a starter also.  The Karahi is a traditional Punjabi curry – thick and dry – and the Methi part is fenugreek to the layperson.  My Kahahi was indeed thick and dry, with plenty of melt in the mouth lamb.  It was really good, but I couldn’t help but think mine had a slight ‘dusty’ taste to it, like a powdered spice had been added and not cooked out properly?  Still gorgeous though, and with a naan to boot, I was more than satisfied.  There was little evidence of excessive oil left in the bowl or plate either which is nice.

All this for £7.50!!!  Makes you wonder why you would ever bother going to McDonalds really?  Bare in mind that my Karahi was off the special menu too, and a simple curry could be ordered for £6 – and I guess would still include the same popadoms, water etc – that’s a bargain.


  1. Reading the blog has got my taste buds tingling... so take out curry tonight it is!

  2. Sounds as if you were too early for the real Chef. I have frequented my favourite M√ľnchen Curry House, The Indien Mango this week...

  3. Hi you two and thanks for the comments.

    @Ben - where was your takeaway from in the end? Any good?

    @Hector. Hhmmm I wonder? I think I was perhaps being a touch over critical, and the curry was still great, and I'm happy to say the International does do one of the best Bradford Curries there is.

    Next time you're down you'll have to try the Karachi, which is just around the corner from the International/Kashmir - and is another hardcore curry experience - and they serve what I think is my favourite Bradford Curry - their lamb and spinach balti.

  4. The take out was the usual... Mother India's cafe, very nice it was to.

    Not a big fan of the Karachi, but I could be talked round.

  5. Oh well that's something to timetable in next time you're down. And a visit to the International - we should be able to squeeze the Kashmir in for old times sakes too.