Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Din Dins at the Karachi

The terraced house exterior

Another Friday and another dinner time in transit through the middle of Bradford….  Strange that isn’t it? But totally coincidental I promise.

I’m a traditionalist as you know, and would normally treat myself to fish ‘n’ chips on a Friday dinner time.  However, when in Bradford, the draw of a dinner time curry is too much to resist these days, and tradition is all too soon out the window.

I wonder how long it will be
before my picture graces a wall
Well, it was International last time, so where this?  Many ideas whizzed through my little brain as I hot footed it down towards the centre of town, with Karachi winning the head battle this time.  I think Karachi’s Lamb and Spinach (as favoured by Rick Stein) is my favourite Bradford curry… but I have to keep eating it just to make sure.  Will it live up to the hype again on this occasion?

It was really quite early – just after 12noon – and wasn’t expecting many people to be in to be honest.  To my surprise, there was a table of about eight workmen, and also about three lone dinners.  In addition, a Christmas Party table was set up for about twenty, and this slowly filled up during my brief stay.

Karachi is no frills to the max dinning.  The waiter simply asked what I wanted whilst presenting me with a jug of water and small salad of onion, tomato and riata.  No menu’s it seems unless requested.  No matter as I knew exactly what I was after and ordered Rick Stein’s Lamb and Spinach forthwith.  Chapattis are included at the Karachi, so no need to worry in that department.

As with the International the other week, my meal turned up in super quick time, and was presented in a sizzling balti dish.  The luxury of a clean bowl and spoon to aid ‘spooning’ my curry from its spitting cauldron was also proffered.  I selected to go posh and transfer the virtually boiling curry into its fresh receptacle, and scoff it utilising the chapattis from there – saved burning my fingers on the balti dish too.  Goodness knows how/where they are heated to reach such a temperature?
Piping hot

What can I say – it is still my favourite Bradford Curry full stop.  That Rick Stein chap certainly knows his onions.  Dark, dry and not oily - the sauce was perhaps not quite a reduced as on previous occasions, and the addition of fresh coriander stalks added a certain zing the proceedings.  All this resulted in a fresher, cleaner taste.  This simply added another chapter/verse/dimension to the ongoing saga of me and this curry.

£7.00!!!  Wonderful.

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