Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Izzy and Me Do ‘Bratford’

The cat's called Jawa

Izzy and I had a few things to do last Thursday.  Essentially a trip into Bradford was necessary to buy some traditional Indian sweets for Crimbo present’s.  So, with this in mind we trotted off with a sense of urgency that only a Father and Daughter pair, with something useful and worthwhile to do, can do.  At the back of our minds though I’m sure, was the thought that “whilst in Bradford it would be rude not to eat some Bradford Curry for lunch.”  Would you expect anything less of us dear readers?

La Jawaab, Oak Lane, Bradford
We initially headed to Oak Lane where, last time I was up that neck of the woods, I’d spotted Mughal’s Sweet’s.  It seemed like a good place to buy sweet’s, considering the Bradford Curry Club enjoyed their café style eater on Leeds Road…  However, Mughal’s Sweet’s was shut down!  Never mind, we had spotted La Jawaab – another sweet shop - just down the road – so popped in there.  Now, I’m no expert on such matters, but La Jawaab seemed to have a decent selection, and at £3.25/500g, they seemed value for money.  They didn’t last long at work either, so must’ve been pretty good.

An aside...  The Sheesh Mahall refurb is coming on
Fish Pakora

Kashmir Established 1958...
Izzy Established as the No. 1
Bradford Curry Eating Toddler
However, all this is merely preamble to the highlight of our visit to Bradford – a trip to the legendary Kashmir.  Now, most will know that, although the Kashmir is by far and away THE Bradford Curry restaurant this blogger has eaten most Bradford Curry in over the years, and that, although the Kashmir has numerous excellent aspects to its dining experience, the curries have, sometimes, left me a little disappointed.  This appears to have changed recently, and a recent dinner time trip last the summer, after the Sky Ride, proved that the Kashmir to be on the up.  So, how would it fair this time?  Brilliantly is the answer.  There is no need to worry about the Fish Pakora, as these have always been excellent.  Likewise with the Kashmiri Naan - which was found to be stuffed to the gills with flaked, and crushed almonds, and with a healthy helping of sultanas to boot, and served piping hot and smothered in butter.  Mmmm!! For main course, Izzy and me shared the Meat and Spinach Masala, and it certainly had a good bash and tipping my favourite Karachi Lamb and Spinach from its lofty pedestal as my favourite Bradford Curry – and that’s saying something.  It had all the ingredients of the classic Bradford Curry in that it was dark and rich, and generally dry.  There was a good meat quota, and the spinach added that slightly irony flavour.  Ours was not too hot and spicy, so was enjoyed greatly by Izzy too – a winner.

Say 'Cheese'

Roll on next time…

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