Monday, 9 January 2012

Off With a Bang in 2012 - Karachi does it Again

Three generations enjoying the Karachi
The start of a New Year, but no time for romanticising about New Years Resolutions/New Dawn’s/starting afresh/etc.  Only time for the continued quest to eat Bradford Curry… To the Karachi we go.

After being teased regarding my lack of 2012 curries by my new friend and No.1 curry aficionado Hector Curry-Heute, I had to up my game and get into Bradford town centre as soon as possible for a Bradford Curry.  Luckily my current life situation affords me Thursday’s off work - to do my house husband bit and mind my beautiful daughter Isabella.  These Thursdays are fast becoming opportune Bradford Curry eating fixes.  Isabella loves it too.
A sideways view of  curry

Izzy tucks in no worries
So, with this in mind, and my Dad in tow too, it was off to the Karachi.  As you are all probably more than aware, Karachi currently offers up John the Bradford Curry Bloggers, oh and that chef Rick Stein’s,  No.1 Bradford Curry, in the form of the mouth watering Meat and Spinach and, yet again, it was verging on the ridiculously excellent.  Beautiful tender and abundant meat, in a thick, perfectly spiced, and slightly deconstructed sauce – this curry offers everything to this writer, and every mouthful was met with increased endorphin release. 
A bit of a sickly sweet shot
I know, but I like it

On this most recent visit, the above was paired with a massive plate of perfectly haphazard and tasty onion bhaji and a peshwari naan.  To be brutally honest, neither was perhaps up to the standards of the near by Kashmir, but certainly not far off, and didn’t stop us devouring every last morsel.

Until next time….


  1. I have randomly come across your blog and just wanted to let you know I think it's very enjoyable!

    If ever in Bradford I'll be using your blog as a restaurant guide!

  2. Hi

    Thanks for the positive feedback. It's nice to know people are getting something out of my waffling's??

    As you've probably guessed from reading my blog, I'm no writer or food critic, but I'm trying ;-)

    If you're ever in Bradford I can honestly say that, in my experience at least, all the curries are good. Biased maybe? No, really, they are good - I've not come across bad one yet. I just have my favourites.

    Thanks again and keep popping back