Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Madras - Hull

Yes yes yes I know this is a blog dedicated to Bradford Curry, and over recent months there have been blogs about Glasgow and now Hull, but I do like to try and chronicle all my travels, especially if the establishments visited are worth meriting – I hope dear readers you don’t mind?

So a late afternoons drinking and night out to the Hull Truck Company Theatre, to see Once Upon a Time in Wigan, resulted in two very hungry Bradford Curry Club members on the prowl for Hull based curry come 11pm.  Although once a student in Hull (20yrs ago), my knowledge of current curry restaurants is very limited to say the least – non existent would be more accurate, and I seem to remember that surviving on 9p noodles and fish fingers was the order of the day back then, rather than swanky dinning.  Something my waistline thanked me for it must be said.

So, a quick ‘best curry in Hull’ Google search on the iPhone presented us with The Madras on Analby Road – and was just around the corner, so ideal.

I think because of the time of night, when we arrived we were the only dinners.  But the staff were very friendly and accommodating, even though I think perhaps they were getting ready to go home.  I found myself sat looking out of the window of the rather large open restaurant, so paid little attention to the décor – suffice to say I think it was very clean, and presentable, in that kind of modern way.

Drinks (larger on draft) and popdoms ordered, along with the sizzling started, a curry each, a garlic naan and the chapattis!!  Phew.

The Sizzling starter as ace had all the usual suspect present.  Seekh Kebab, chops, ect.  All well seasoned, tasty and well cooked.

I can’t remember the name of the lamb based curry I ordered, as it was in part recommended by the waiter.  I can say though that it was excellent, and seemed a little reminiscent of a Dopiaza (although it wasn’t – as it was off the specials menu and defo had a name I hadn’t come across) as it included large pieces of juicy onion.  The dish as a whole was very pleasantly gloopy – perfect for dipping the garlic naan in - and perfectly spiced.  I didn’t hear any complaints from the Mrs either regarding her curry.

The Madras was a very good indeed overall curry eating experience, and I can highly recommend it if you’re ever in that neck of the woods.

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