Wednesday, 8 February 2012

International #1

Last Thursday it was deemed an appropriate time to once again pop to the International to eat Bradford Curry.
After arriving in Bradford a little early for their midday opening time, Izzy and me cruised the streets of Bradford scoping out possibilities for future Bradford Curry easting opportunities.  Some were spotted and noted – watch this space.
Izzy and Naan
Well, we were through the door of the International just about bang on midday, and there was already a table of six girls and a further table of six workmen – how these people always beat us I’ll never know?  They must sleep there or something?
A quick dinner was the order of the day, and no time was wasted perusing the menu, or any such nonsense, and our fish pakora and Special Karahi (lamb, chicken and prawns) with naan order was efficiently dispatched to the kitchen.
Mixed Karahi
No significant time passed before our piping hot, wonderfully aromatic and fresh fodder arrived.  On this occasion, the food seemed a little spicy for Izzy, but she persevered – bless.  To the more sophisticated mature palate however, it was business as usual.  The Mixed Karahi seemed a little more ‘saucy’ than the usual rock hard bone dry Trad Brad Curries we usually experience at The International, but ultimately this simply offered more naan dunking opportunities. 
The International is simply a wonderful Bradford Curry eating Experience.

However, all this quick dinner time curry is nothing more than an hors d'oeuvre to the main course – which we didn’t know at the time was going to happen – but did - a Saturday Night International Curry.  Whoop Whoop!!!
More on this later…


  1. Ah, to be able to pop in here any day one chooses...

  2. I must admit... I consider myself pretty lucky in some respects