Friday, 2 March 2012

Holiday - Fazz's, Lanzarote

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Bradford Curry Club Memeber
Holiday’s…  They're always a worry – if holidaying outside Bradford that is.  “Are we gonna find a decent curry?”

Well, I can confirm, if you’re planning to holiday anytime soon in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, then yes, you’re gonna find Bradfordesque curry for sure.

I'm not wanting to dedicate too many Bradford Curry Blog column inches to a curry house in Lanzarote, but Fazz’s (somewhere on the promenade getting on towards the lighthouse and in the Rubicon Marina shopping center) is well worth a visit.

Not only does Fazz’s proffer high quality curry in a modern environ, with a well-stocked bar, serving amongst other things, local wine – it also provides the holidaying Bradfordian the perfect antidote to the holiday curry blues.

Barring the strange Hotdog flavoured sheikh kebab, the curry was rather tasty and wouldn’t have been out of place if served in the mighty Bradford.

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  1. Great curry recipe plus Lanzarote villas can indeed complete one's Spanish holiday.