Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Karachi - The Same Greatness but Better…

Me eating my Lamb and Spinach

But Why?

Well, the Karachi, as we know, serves, what I consider, virtually perfect Lamb and Spinach, and, on this occasion, it was no different.  It provided the craved endorphin hit I desire so much these days.

The addition of plate full of wonderfully tasty fragmented shards and clumps of onion bhaji whetted the appetite fully prior to the arrival of the sizzling pot of curry too.

The waiter was especially helpful and friendly on this occasion – not that they aren’t normally - in as much as – assuming I am a recognised face within the curry eating Mecca that is the Karachi – I don’t receive a menu, but am treated more as a guest, and just asked what I want.  On this occasion, I was given the option of two varieties of Lamb and Spinach – a normal one and a spicy one.  Suffice to say the spicy one was ordered.  It turns out that this is the one I normally receive.  It was probably the Rick Stein version I’m guessing.

The wife eating her Lamb and Spinach
No, the real treat on this visit was the accompanying wife.  We made this visit during a few stolen hours at the end of the day, before returning home to the madness that is ‘terrible two’s’, and outside the group curries enjoyed in the Bradford Curry Club, and almost without the pressure of official Bradford Curry Blogger work - it was just me and the Mrs eating Bradford Curry…  Just like the good old days.  Joy. 

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