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The 3 Singhs

The Gold at the end of the Rainbow


The 3 Singhs Restaurant

254 Sticker Lane,



Tel: 01274 68 8799


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30th June 2012 @ ~20:00


Deep, Kam, Rob, Gill, Jenny, Pete, Francois, Jaz, Lynda and John (me)

Flat bottomed Kwak glass

Pre Curry Watering Holes

A flying trip straight the Sparrow Bier Café, on North Parade, was all that was mustered on our latest Bradford Curry eating trip to The 3 Singhs.  A quick bottle of wine was downed, followed by a taxi up to The 3 Singhs.  A tip off, from a fellow member, had suggested we book a table at the 3 Singhs, as it can get quite busy, so we were limited somewhat on town centre time.  Besides, it was understood from the web site, that The 3 Singhs had an extensive bar area, so was not as crucial as on other trips.



I’d heard lots of good things about The 3 Singhs, including: ‘best place in Bradford’ and ‘it’s the only place I go’.  Therefore, it looked promising and I had high spirits.  Besides, it was my Birthday eve, and it was going to take a lot to dampen my enthusiasm.  However, to be honest, in my heart of hearts, I was expecting without doubt top quality food but, with a perhaps slightly middle of the road aspect.

The Reality

A Clockwork Curry

A quality, large and comfy bar area, with large sofa’s greeted us upon arrival.  The bar, and restaurant for that matter, where tastefully decorated with light cream coloured walls, with dark wood and brown leather, and large windows.  It all gave a pleasing environment to sit and eat and drink.  Also, although very busy, the diners were not crammed in either.

Mixed Grill

Due to having the foresight to book, our table was all ready to go and, after a quick drink in the bar, we were escorted to our table.  We were not harried or rushed to take our seat, and this aided in the relaxing feeling to the restaurant.

With it being my Birthday eve I fancied pushing the boat out and experiencing something new and interesting.  A peruse of the menu however, suggested otherwise, when my expectations of the suspected user friendly menu came to fruition.  However, the smells and sounds permeating the restaurant were enough to get me excited and, in addition to the mixed grill, the Fish Karahi jumped out at me.  These were preceded by group popadons and pickles, which offered a standard but perfectly acceptable selection, and were crisp, fresh and tangy – perfect for whetting the appetite.

The mixed grill offered a thoroughly high standard of spicy chicken tikka, BBQy kebabs and verging on perfect lamb chops.  It was a fantastic but very meaty selection.  The addition of a bahji or some fish - although may ultimately cheapen the dish - might add some lighter morsels.  Having said that, it was all certainly top draw and my above observations are not meant as criticisms.  The mixed grill was ultimately as good as you’ll get.

Fish Karahi

Moving on to my main – the fish karahi – it was also very good.  A rather lighter option in both taste and heat was presented compared to what I would normally select.  An ample quantity of fish fillet was offered in a tomato rich sauce.  Now, it was an excellent dish but I’m not sure it was quite for me.  The curry was pretty mild in manor with the fish not giving the full bodied favour I would normally go for.  I did try the Mrs’s lamb and spinach and that ticked more of my Bradfordian taste bud boxes.  So although my fish karahi was an excellent dish, if you like that sort of thing, I think I would choose something else next time – just personal taste.

My stuffed naan was different story.  Well yummy.  It was very very filling though, what with a healthy filling of mash, and then buttered and sprinkled with coriander, it made for a hearty side.

Drinks Policy and range

Well stocked and large bar area was a welcomed addition.  I guess because The 3 Singhs is quite a way out of town then the bar area is a good idea.  It gives you somewhere to sit and meet etc.  Perhaps strangely, but only continental beers were on draught, with Indian beers available in bottles only. 

Birthday Boy


The 3 Singhs was a great evening out.  Food wise it had to be the mixed grill for me.  Spicy chicken and bbqy kebabs were brill.


None – as mentioned above we had a fab night out.  Thanks.  If I was to be critical though, for me, a seasoned Bradford Curry eater, the menu was a little ‘Radio Friendly Unit Shifter’, but it clearly works, and the packed restaurant is testament to that.


The Damage

It was my Birthday… Birthday boys don’t need to worry about such things.  I understand it came to about £25pp inc beer.  So The 3 Singhs was similarly priced to other restaurants in the area of a similar ilk.


A full evening at The 3 Singhs was all that occurred.  The very full tummies I think would’ve put paid to any further partying!  I’m in my forties now, so always aiming for my bed post curry.


I think I speak for all when I say The 3 Singhs was very good from start to finish.  The bar, the staff, the service, the ambience and the food were all excellent.  However, a hidden gem, the Holy Grail, it is perhaps not – not in my eyes any road.  We will definitely return on our travels - I need the mixed grill and stuffed naan again, and need to explore the mains further.

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