Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Kashmir - Izzy and Me Do t’Kash

"You will learn to like curry Izzy"
Currently I’m struggling to get as much Bradford Curry in as I’d like.  The perfect window of opportunity I have managed to engineer myself over the last few months (Thursday househusband day) has bitten the dust to a certain extent!  My beautiful 2yr old daughter, who I thought was going to carry on in her fathers footsteps, has suddenly started declaring “Izzy no like curry… ‘addy like curry… Izzy no like.”  Aaaarrrgghh!

Anyway, after a couple of Thursday's worth of househusbandry, with nothing but beans on toast for lunch, I’d had enough, and bundled Izzy into the car and sped to Bradford.

After much deliberation en-route, The Kashmir was the opted for establishment.  No fuss, bish bash bosh dinning, and cracking fish pakora for the Iz.  It is also part of my personal ‘Holy Trinity’ of The Kash, International and Karachi, and, in addition, I am trying to monitor the Kashmir’s apparent return to form - so seemed logical.

Fish Pakora
The Kashmir didn’t disappoint.  Initially quiet, we were offered menus, but there was no need, and I ordered straight away.  Within minutes fish pakora were presented, and were indeed as good (the best?) as always.  Chunky, flaky fish, in a light pleasantly spiced batter – a must try I reckon.

Lamb Rogan Josh and Kashmiri Naan
For the main curry, I chose Lamb Rogan Josh.  I’ve been in a Lamb and Spinach rut of late, so it was nice for a change.  The Kashmir’s Rogan Josh has always been a strong dish, and the crispy bell peppers add a real zing.  A high meat quota, diced small and in a thick sauce – it is Bradford personified.  The dish was a touch oily, but nothing excessive.

I’ve nothing to say about the best naan in Bradford - the Kashmiri Naan - except OOooo ERRrrr.

The Kashmir is still maintaining it’s current high standards.

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