Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sheesh Mahal


The Sheesh Mahal is now open from 11:30am daily.  Well, I presume daily?  Top draw.

Not being one to turn down a curry lunch, and on hearing the news of the Sheesh's new opening times, I just had to pop in at my earliest opportunity.

I'm glad I did dear readers.  Because, what I experienced was as near to perfection as I ever thought possible.  From the off, service was excellent, with the complimentary poppadon, pickle and mint sauce.  And even though there was a table taken with a party of approximately 20 people, all receiving their dishes, prompt service was still on the cards for this diner.

My Lamb Methi was verging on perfection.  A little different to the dish I was served late the other night, and was super dry dark and rich.  There was little to see in the dish except the thick sauce clinging the abundant meet.  I opted for the 2 roti's - either 1 naan, 2 rotis or 3 chapatti's are served with each main - and they were not only huge, but also fresh and fluffy.  I was stuffed after this little lot.

I can't wait for my next visit.

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