Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sweet Centre Breakfast

As people may probably know, I'm a big fan of the traditional breakfast, and since my last post regarding the subject, a few more restaurants have come on line offering the much overlooked aspect of curry eating.

The traditional chana dal and puri breaky, served from about 08:00 to lunch time(ish) at The Sweet Centre, on Lumb Lane, is fantastic, and a brill way to start the day.

Not being a big British fry up fan, I'm more likely to be seen tucking into cappuccini and croissants.    However, I do find the bowl of spicy chickpeas and the accompanying puri  very agreeable.  I noted last time I was in the Sweet Centre, for a breakfast, that the chana was rather plain (here) - but in a good way - but not on this visit.  The tender pulses had a fair kick to them, and certainly fired up the engines ready for the day.  As per normal, the puri's were very greasy.  They taste great, but we did over face ourselves with three each!  They are very rich, and we felt two each only would be more fitting.  As with our last visit also, no menus are evident?  I just ordered 'two breakfasts' at the bar.  The chana is scooped into a bowl from a large cauldron behind the bar, the puri's come from the abutting kitchen.  Other 'things' are available... but what I'm not sure?  Kebab's, Samosa's, etc, I have seen people eating

Next time you're passing in the morning, give it a go.  Curry isn't just for night times.

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