Thursday, 30 May 2013


Well it doesn't seem like 2.5 years since last time we ventured to Mughals!  See here.  Amazing how time flies when you're having fun.
Lamb Karahi and Chicken Karahi
Way back then I remember a dark and wintry November night, but Mughals was excellent - even if the service was a little laboured and hap hazard, due to our large party - and provided me a fabulous Karahi.  Today's supposed 'spring' visit exhibited very similar wintry conditions - strangely?  A hail storm ensued as we more or less fell through the door, at just gone midday.

The menus seem to may be have had a little revamp since our last visit, and now offers a variety of options including such things as a few burgers and pasta dishes.  An increasingly common addition to many of the cafe style eateries about the city.  It was also noted that Mughals does breakfast from 8am - we'll defo be back for that I'm sure.  Sadly the decor had yet to be treated to a revamp, but it didn't really matter as everything was serviceable, and the center of attention sweet counter was to die for with it's vast array of colourful, sweet and sticky treats.  Obviously we stuck to the curry options... but could we resist the sweets?

Lamb Karahi for me and Chicken Karahi for Big Tone.  Izzy wanted chips!  Ggrrrr!  She'll learn one day I'm sure?  But we did get her some fish pakora too.  The Karahis were very meaty with a nice tingle of heat, and the perfect kind of 'middle of the road' blend of spices that make it a sort of all curry to all men.  Healthy portion too!  It was on the incredibly rich side of things and, between the Karahi and my accompanying garlic naan, there was an over whelming sour buttery ghee flavour.  Not in a bad way - just the kind of thing that stands out saying things are being done properly - but just prepare yourselves!

Could we resist the the sweets?  Er... no!  Although stuffed, a couple of Jalebi were savored.  These were very fresh and syrupy sweet.  when I've tried these in the past at other places, there has been a stale fatty taste associated with them - not at Mughals.  Super fresh.  Excellent - I could have eaten a full bag!

So all in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and just goes to show the depth of expertise all over the city of Bradford.

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