Monday, 22 April 2013


Not been to the Karachi for a while, and I am glad to report all is fine - just as good as always.

A little unusual this visit - we actually got the menus to look at!  I set about with much gusto trawling all the options and thinking I would - should - try something different.  However, although I sure anything I could have picked would have been great, nothing jumped out at me, and I went for my usual Rick Steins Lamb and Spinach.  Yawn - I hear you ermmm... yawn!

No, 'if it in't broke, don't fix it' - as they say round these parts - and I had kind of spent the morning with my heart set on it.  I promise next time I will have something else.

The Lamb and Spinach was without fault in my opinion but, to be ultra fussy, I felt it did have an ever so slight taste of undercooked chilli powder?  However, we are dealing with perfection here, and this small criticism is all I could level at the dish.

As per usual the dish was inclusive of chappatis, and these were indeed... chappatis!  Plain, warm and fresh, they are all that is really required to transport the curry to the mouth.  However, we did get a spoon each...  with which I spilt curry down my front!  Not a drop was lost using the traditional chappati method.  Lesson learned.

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