Saturday, 24 August 2013

Breakfast - a Study

Enjoying Mughals
I'm a big fan of the traditional breakfast or desi breakfast or, I think, properly called Halwa Poori.  Therefore, I've decided to do a study.

I was first exposed to this delicacy during a trip to Manchester, many moons ago.  At the time it was a completely alien concept to me... "What?  Curry for for breakfast?"  At the time, it seemed certainly a rarity in Bradford - unless, it was just for people in the know?  In fact I need to stop banging on about this!

Anyway, thankfully it is far more easily available now, with many establishments advertising breakfasts.

Mughals Chana and poori

So, from where I've sampled up to know, it seems The Sweet Center is the bench mark.  Always pretty busy, quick and good.  Perfect for a quick bob in and out.  Chickpeas (chana) in a cauldron behind the counter and dished up simply like Oliver Twist or something!  Greasy bread (poori), and the option of halwa (a bowl of sweet stuff??) are also good, and you can also indulge in the legendary kebabs too.  Original 50yr+ old recipe.  Very nice.  It is just great.  Sweet Center exploits - including breakfasts - can be seen here.  The Sweet Center will be visited again soon as part of this study.

However, the last couple of breakfasts I have enjoyed have been at Mughals.  First time was a birthday treat to me - here.  And then most recently just the other day.  Different to the Sweet Center, the Mughals breakie is made fresh in the little open kitchen.  On this visit, the chana was rather loose and a little oily.  Very sour with lime pickle (seems to be Mughals thing), and very tasty.  The poori's were greasy as usual but I love them.  It was a great breakfast.

The study could go on for a while but I will update as regularly as possible.

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