Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Breakfast Study #2 - The Sweet Centre

The Breakfast Study continues with a trip to the Sweet Centre, arguably the finest breakfast establishment in Bradford.

And it is indeed great - and I have breakfasted here on many occasions, as regular readers to the Bradford Curry Blog will all to well know.

Today, the cafe was very busy - and showed obvious signs - uncleared  tables - of a very busy morning prior to my arrival.  The bar was rammed, and I was unsure of my place in the queue.

So why so good?  Well, it's a combination of many factors.  It's cheap and quick for starters, so can be considered as a rapid pop in when passing, and the the food is great too.  The chana has substantial chickpea and potato content in a thin sauce, which is excellently flavoured, seasoned, and spiced.  I find the level of spice can increase with depth, probably due the the spices settling out of the thin sauce??  Great though.  Then there's the kebabs.  50yr+ recipe apparently?  Simply gorgeous course ground meat and obvious onions, are certainly substantial in their texture and flavour.

Plenty of mint sauce is the order of the day for me.

My breakfast of choice at the moment, but from here the Breakfast study travels into virgin territory.

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