Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bundobust - a First Taster

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Leeds Beer Festival and a Bundobust Pop-Up Bar just inside the gate.  Coriander Ale and Pav Bhaji - Boy I am really looking forward to this place opening in Leeds proper.  Still early doors though, and no concrete venue details available as yet.  You lot will be the first to find out.

The Bundobust Coriander Pils was very refreshing, not too fizzy, and definitely had a unique spicy flavour to it.  It was a great beer, and I think a perfect accompaniment to a curry.

Bundobust Pop Up Bar

Then to the Pav Bhaji (Pav means bread and Bhaji means vegetable dish), and it's fantastic.  Originating from Mumbi (I understand), it is a basic, but complex, quick, fast food dish.  Bundobust's Pav Bhaji was cooked in the traditional way on a large flat griddle,  and all the vegetables and potatoes mashed together with plenty of spices and butter.  It is pretty rich and very rewarding to eat.  The bread is generously buttered and warmed/slightly toasted on the edge of the griddle.

Prashad's Bobby (yes him from the telly) was on hand offering samples and some history about the dish. Bobby is great at this sort of thing, and talking about the dish, it's origins and about how many millions of portions of Pav Bhaji are served in Mumbai per day.  I quipped "Mumbai dish, Mumbai prices?"  A stern "no" was the response!  Never mind, Bundobust's/Prashads's Pav Bhaji was worth every penny.

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