Monday, 17 February 2014

Bundobust Staking

Bundobust staking.... this time at their most recent pop up at the brilliant Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen's Street Feast Event.

Basically, Belgrave Music Hall has a bit of everything - large bar area, a large music venue upstairs, a large terrace on the roof!  Large... I guess you get the idea?  Also - seems good for kids (through the day), cool food, beer, and seems to attract the Leeds hipsters.  Anyway, once a month or so the bar area is passed over to various foodie pop up stalls - in addition to the resident burger and pizza outlets - and the Street Feast happens.  This month it not only included the fabulous Bundobust, but also a fish stall (Fish&) doing mussels in lager, and guy doing some kind of Japanese dumplings, there's coffee, cake, and various guest beers. We could have spent all day there... I wonder if that's the idea??

Daughter yet to fully appreciate Bundobust,
But loved Belgrave's roof terrace.
B for Bundobust maybe?

Blurry Bundobust
Anyway, onto Bundobust.  Today they were offering two dishes - Pav Bhaji and Bundo Chaat.  I've sampled their fantastic Pav Bhaji a couple of times already, so Bundo Chaat it was for me.  I'm really into this street food/snack/chaat type of stuff at the mo.  My recent Blog posts must give that away somewhat?  I find, as opposed to the everyday curries, the Chaaty type dishes seem so fresh, vibrant and zingy – they are also new and exciting to me.  They are a far cry from the heavy baltis/karahis/etc of this world.

The Bundo Chaat comprised shards of crunchy samosa pastry with chickpeas, tamarind and yogurt etc and had that Samosa Chaat vibe I guess, with it's flavour sensations and crunchy textural notes.  A lighter snack sans samosas though and more a sensory attack than a full on feed - it's a chaat - a snack.  Perfect with a beer - which is exactly how I enjoyed it.

I'm pretty sure I will be spending much time in Bundobust once it opens.

Bundo Chaat and a pint - perfect

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