Thursday, 27 February 2014

Browns Delights, Hyde Park, Leeds

The brutal hot chilli sauce!
Browns Delights Curried Mutton Rice and Peas - Yes please, don't mind if I do!

A perfect and satisfyingly yummy dish if ever there was one... the old Curry Goat (Mutton in this case).  Always a little milder than the Indian counterparts, but the taste of the sunny, warm Caribbean seeps through the consciousness spoonful after spoonful.  It's great...

Even peering through the window to the rather drizzly and drab brick Hyde Park vista, could not spoil the 15 minutes I had with the Curried Mutton.

Browns Delights version oozed quality.  No potato or veg filler here, just very tender, melt in the mouth mutton.  Only one small bone detected too - although not an issue as used to Curry Goat often being served 'on the bone'. Excellent quality dish. Well seasoned and very very tasty. I over did it with the hot chilli sauce condiment, and made my Mutton a touch too hot!  But I soldiered on! Otherwise a wonderfully balanced dish in the classic curry goat style.

Curried Mutton, Rice and Peas + foolish application of chilli sauce.
Browns Delights is a simple little cafe, with quaint mismatched tables and chairs and chalk board menus. Very friendly and efficient service, made me feel right at home.  A variety of hot/cold sandwiches are offered in addition to the traditional Caribbean fair.  I will definitely be visiting more often - I can see yet another regular haunt here. 

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