Monday, 28 April 2014

Tasty's Karahi Restaurant, Leeds

'The best curry in Leeds', 'consistently excellent food and service', etc.  Punters on Tripadvisor are very complimentary with regard to Tasty's Karahi Restaurant.

Open for lunch, and then presume right through the closing, Tasty's is a proper little traditional style Curry House nestling at the bottom of Roundhay Road in Leeds and has plain and clean decor with red velour seats and unadorned tables.

Given a few minutes to peruse the menu I noted all the traditional curries were covered and along with a large specials selection too, and I knew I wouldn't be left wanting.  I went for the staple Meat Palak (spinach) as this is the curry I usually try everywhere for comparison.  It's one my favorites too.  I was asked how hot I wanted it too - nice touch.  However, after recent 'manning up' episodes, I stuck with middle of the road.  Three chapatis included too - the Bradford way!  Happy days.

Promising sounds of sizzling, metal on metal scraping, and clattering, soon emanated from the kitchen behind, suggesting my dish was being freshly prepared.  All too soon my dish arrived. Fist visual impressions were excellent, it looked super fresh and steaming.  It was very Bradfordian - ie dark and dry, and stood proud in the dish. No soup here.  Smelt excellent too.  The curry came with side salad (fresh for a change) and yogurt sauce, and the aforementioned chapattis. 

So to tucking in.  Firstly I was glad opted for 'middle of the road' heat, as it was spicy enough for me. Nice tingle around the lips and throat.  Lots of spinach not only added the familiar metallic flavour, but also an actual fresh tasting spinach hint.  Meat quota was good and was presented in larger chunks than maybe would be expected in Bradford.  Seasoning was good also, and overall the dish exhibited an all round air of quality and attention to detail.  Basically it was very good.  The chapattis were fluffy, hot and fresh. Not leathery.

Tasty's is a brilliant little place ans so glad I came across it.  Everyday day is a school day...

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