Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lahore - Bradford

Chocolate Fondue and Belgian Waffle
Lahore, or MyLahore, I'm not quite sure, is a great place, and I cant believe it's been nearly three years since we visited this the original Lahore - here in Bradford. There are now Lahore's in Leeds, Manchester (Which I've visited in the interim) and Birmingham too - by the way - so branching out a bit.

 Birthday Girl Izzy

Our Tommy
Thursday dinner time, and my daughter Izzy's 4th Birthday treat to Lahore, and Lahore is heaving (all four floors!), with people almost queuing at the door!  Very VERY popular!  These trendy cafe style places, although not fully taken over from the original style 'Bradford curry house' are all the rage. Here at Lahore you are treated to trendy decor, with each floor exhibiting a slightly different colour trend, a vibrant atmos, fast and friendly service, and good value for money.

Also, you get treated to a varied menu, definitely leaning towards Asian cuisine, but also including pasta dishes, burgers, steaks, paninis, etc.  AND CAKES!  Yes plenty of cake.

The chairs proved to be the perfect little
girl trap - we did laugh! 
To be honest, today was my little girls Birthday, so I took my John the Bradford Curry Bloogers hat off, and just decided to sit back, relax and enjoy the experience.  However, me being me, I took a few nice photos I thought I'd share... and thought I'd best just add a few words to boot too.

Food wise for me it was Chefs Special Desi Meat Karahi with Garlic Naan, Lynda went for Grilled Paneer on a Naan, and Izzy opted for kiddies smily faces and fish fingers!  Ggrrrr!  But at least it highlights that Lahore caters for everyone - no exceptions.  All arrived promptly and all was very very nice.

Desi Meat Karahi

The Desi Meat Karahi possessed that full bodied and rounded curry flavour.  No additional flavours such as spinach, methi, lime pickle, whatever, added the this karahi to mask the excellent taste.  The Garlic naan was good fresh and fluffy also, and the meal didn't last long!  The paneer on a naan was good too, grilled to perfection, and adding a lovely bbq flavour.  Portion size was perhaps a little more starter than main, but this was reflected in the price. 

This left plenty of room to treat ourselves to a couple of deserts!  Belgian Waffle and Chocolate Fondue.  No desert expert me, but I had no complaints.  I concentrated on the waffle, and it was waffley, ice creamy and chocolatey!  Very good.  The fondue was fun and Izzy enjoyed dipping the various fruits etc in the choc... who wouldn't?

We had an excellent time.  Lahore is bustling and a fun and great place to visit.  Smashing.

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