Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Spicy Corner, Forster Square

Spicy Corner sells spicy fodder and is on a corner... so does exactly what it says on the tin really!

Spicy Corner is located to the northeast of the city centre, and is away from the Bradford Curry hotspots of the Uni or Leeds Road say, and is somewhat off the beaten track.  A bit of a funny area of town really.  Having said that it is just across the road from the Forster Square shopping estate, so benefits from substantial footfall I would have thought.  The only eating alternative in the vicinity is a Maccy D's on the estate itself. 

Spicy Corner - the front elevation

For my lunch time visit I was met by a bit of a desolate restaurant!  It was very quiet with only two others in, and both sat by the door waiting for take away.  No sign of any staff, so I plonked down on one of the weirdly burgundy and cream rubbery table clothed tables in front of the big windows (see photo above).  Mistake!  You see, it was a beautifully sunny day, and sun was streaming through the windows - I baked!  Sunglasses on and dripping in sweat I sat patiently.  Eerily quiet... the kitchen must be out the back so there was no noise what so ever!

Not too long before a member of staff (waiter/cook/both/??) arrived to take my order.  I ordered lamb karahi with a garlic naan - a good staple middle of the road dish.  Bread not included at Spicy Corner note.  The waiter/cook sort of kept glancing towards the ceiling whilst taking my order, in a way that suggested he was either thinking if he could cook my order, or if he had the ingredients or something... was a bit weird but guessing it was just be a mannerism...  I was asked my preferred heat which is a nice touch - predictable I responded with 'medium'.

Slow! Very slow!!  Perhaps is was the baking heat I was sat in, but my food seemed to take an age to arrive.  And again the lack of any sound whatsoever was disconcerting.  Eventually a audible 'tshh' noise - the noise of something moist hitting something hot - was heard emanating from depths of the restaurant somewhere, and this indeed signalled the arrival of my dish.

The Lamb Karahi certainly looked the business, and was presented in a piping hot, large, and shallow Karahi dish.  Must have been the origins of the 'tshss'ings' no doubt.  However, I afraid to say that, on eating, for me, it was a little underwhelming.  The Karahi was overall bland and rather dull.  In density seemingly quite Bradfordian, but the light coloured sauce lacked the familiar depth of flavour. The meat was very tough too, and took some chewing, and I was glad when the last mouthful was swallowed!    It's not often I say that.  It sat heavily on the belly, and I felt like one of those cartoons where the neck expands as something is swallowed!

The Naan faired no better... suspiciously circular, and fork marked... it was dry and tasted more of ginger than garlic.  Allied to the chewy meat, I was glad of my jug of water!

Spicy Corner - the rear elevation
I don't like being negative in my blogs, but Spicy Corner just didn't cut the mustard today.  After this visit I may not rush back, but will have to give it a second go in the name of research and fairness... I promise. Having said that, if I was out and about with friends and they said "lets go for a quick curry in Spicy Corner?" I would not hesitate.  Restaurants in Bradford set the Bradford Curry quality bar very high, and sometimes, just sometimes, some fall short - It's been known to happen to the best of them! 

For a different view point, the legend and curry aficionado Hector Curry Heute has also visited Spicy Corner, and his experience was more positive (here).  So for a full, rounded and balanced view, please enjoy my blog in conjunction with Hector's excellent page too.

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