Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Curry Flavoured Mule Bars!!!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but when not eating curry and/or drinking beer, I quite like to go for a ride on my push bike...  So what is any self respecting Bradford Curry eating cyclist to do when out on the road?  Samosa's??  Maybe... and it has been considered!  Well, the answer may be here with the new Eastern Express Energy Bar from Mule.
Spicy Flavours Permeate Everything These Days

I partake in many disciplines of the sport and, in addition to this Bradford Curry Blog, I also contribute to the Here Come the Belgians blog too.  It's not often I manage to merge two of my main interests of bike riding and Bradford Curry eating into one blog post - never the twain shall meet so to speak - but sometimes it has been know for me to stop off on the way to races for a chickpea curry breakfast - only THE breakfast of champions that is (here).

It was with great interest and excitement I received news from a Mule Bar representative regarding their new savoury Eastern Express Bar, and asking if I'd like to try them, and also the offer of samples!  Ooo - short armed and deep pocketed Yorkshire man me wasn't going to turn down a freebie no matter what.. so I gleefully accepted.

The reason for my excitement was genuine, as it has emerged over the years that one thing that I find difficult on a long strenuous bike ride is fuelling, and the often sickly sweet energy bars, gels and drinks are often too much for me!  To avoid the sickly sweet, I can often be seen leaning on my bars unwrapping pork pies!

So is the new Mule Bar Eastern Express the solution to my needs?  Basically... yes!  Essentially the bar comprises oats and nuts glued together with syrup - so still a little bit sweet.  But the kicker is the spices!  Coriander, cumin, garam masala, all the usual curry suspects, are present, and also cayenne pepper, which really does add a dollop of heat to each mouthful! Really pretty good, savoury and warming.  If I had to put a finger on the flavour, it reminded me of licking the bowl of a a spicy fruit cake batter mixture - all fruity, sticky and spicy, but with added heat - rather than a full blown Lamb and Spinach and Garlic Naan, so to speak.

The Eastern Express will be making it's way into my cycling jersey pockets in the future I'm sure.

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