Monday, 15 December 2014

Taste of Paradise - Milton Keynes

I recently visited Milton Keynes...  A 'new town'...  So somewhere a bit different!  I've never been to a new town before, or anywhere quite like it really - lots of concrete!  

So no Bradford Curry, boo, but if you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, I can assure you, all is not lost!  Milton Keynes does do curry, did provide a great weekend away, and everybody was lovely.

This overwhelming sensation of loveliness reached a climax on the wintry, early Saturday evening killing a bit of time time, before meeting friends for an evening of debauchery.  Finding myself wandering through a local, almost subterranean, street market, located beneath the flyover interchange of Midsummer Boulevard and Secklow Gate, in the centre of town, I happened upon a little street food van with a rather tempting looking menu, and enough peeps hovering around on patio furniture to suggest this place knew what they were doing.  It was call Taste of Paradise.

All I wanted was a little snack to tide me on, and the Tadka Daal (sic) with Rotis sprang out at me.  It wasn't much - £3-£4 I seem to remember!  Bargain.

The van was busy but my dish soon arrived.  The lady was very attentive.  She gave me my dish with one roti, and told me a second one would be along in a minute - indeed it was.  The Daal was truly speldid.  Creamy and warming on the cold evening.  It was tarka'd to perfection and had that hot spicy, slightly burned flavour to it.  A little bit of heat to warm the cockles too.  The lady kept shouting over to make sure everything was OK - it was.

I got speaking to a Father and daughter who were sat waiting for their food on the same table as me. It was their first visit too.  They said they had had Taste of Paradise recommended to them by a friend and decided to give it a go.  I assured them that if they received food as good as what I had just eaten they would be far from disappointed.  They seemed pleased with my input, and with that I then bid them a fond farewell, thanked the lady for my daal, and wandered on my way into the darkness.

A strangely eerier kind of adventure into the underworld of Milton Keynes... very reminiscent of a scene from Blade Runner... well almost.

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