Tuesday, 3 February 2015


For my first Bradford Curry Blog post, post festive period, I wanted somewhere familiar and comforting, and not too demanding.  The International ticked the boxes this time, as is one of my favourite Bradford Curry eating establishments.

International on UrbanspoonI think pound for pound International might - and I stress might - be my favourite all rounder, as it's consistently good across the whole menu (the bits I've tried at least)

So here we are.  Sat down in the corner.  Our Thomas strapped in his seat, and popadoms and pickle tray arrive swiftly with the menu.  It really is excellent service...  and soon the waiter arrives.  

Lamb Methi for me, with garlic nann (plain naan/chapatis/rotis are included in the price of a main course).  Lamb Methi isn't on the menu as such - a chicken version is - but I often order it and the waiters never seem phased by a request beyond the listed fare.  To be honest, seen as how a Chicken Methi is listed, I can't imaging it beyond the wit of man to rattle a Lamb Methi up but, yet again, another tick for International.

The Methi  aspect (dried fenugreek leaves) adds a pleasant bitter taste, and is rather distinctive, and to me addictive.  As per all International curries, the Lamb Methi stacked up well against all other curries, and was textbook Bradfordian in the dark, rich, dry (i.e. not soupy) way.  Also, not too salty, which the International can be a tad guilty of sometimes!

The naan was fresh and fluffy and garlicy and ace.  Perfect.

Again and again and again International hits the spot perfectly.  It is all round top draw Bradford Curry eating at its best.

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