Tuesday, 2 April 2013

St. Patrick's Curry - Sheesh Mahal

Box Fresh Trainers and Rain!  Aarrrggh!
Bradford Irish Center
Now, I'm not Irish, or religious and, to be honest, I don't really know who St. Patrick is/was!  Apart from he was a Saint - what ever one of those is?  Nor, to be totally brutally honest, do I really care!  However, he does seem to like to throw a good party.  

For a good number of years now we have always, in some capacity or another, gone out for a good number of drinks on St. Patrick's Day.  Searching out the 'craic', the best Guinness, and the folk music has become a tradition in this household.  This year St. Pat's fell on a Sunday - a school night - and not ideal.  After intense negotiations with Mrs Bradford Curry Blogger, it was 'decided' we - meaning my Dad 'Big Tone' and me - would celebrate Paddy's Day the day before!  Madness!

Also, this year saw a deviation from the usual raucous shenanigan's in favor of a leisurely gallon or so of the  'black stuff' at the Bradford Irish Center - reputed to serve the best Guinness in town... followed by a curry.  Conveniently the Bradford Irish Center is directly behind the Sheesh Mahal - a coincidence?   No.  This match made in heaven was engineered from the start.
The Remains of my Methi

A mucky night ensued as we alighted the train at Forster Square.  Being dry all day and, indeed, further up the valley when we set off, I'd opted to wear my new, yet to be worn, Christmas present trainers!  Big mistake.  I could almost feel the dirt being sucked up my boot cuts and transferring to the shiny shoes.  It was upsetting me, and I was glad to fall through the doors of the Irish Center.  Troons tucked into socks, to halt anymore necessary damage, the Guinness began to flow.

Pondering Perfection
The Bradford Irish Center itself was pretty large, and comprised a section with snooker tables, another section which was more like a function come dancing room, and a third, where we sat, more your traditional bar area.  There may have been more, but we didn't venture.  This being St. Pat's eve so to speak, the place was a touch quiet, but did slowly fill up during our short stay.  Traditional tunes were spun by a DJ in the next room, and a general air of relaxed 'craic' wafted about the club.  Old, young and family's were all present, and the Guinness was indeed good.  Smooth, bitter and irony.  Nice.  The Bradford Irish Center will be added to our pub crawl that's for sure.

Chicken Jalfrazi
Onto the Sheesh.  We've been there a lot recently - because it's been that good recently - and tonight was no exception.  Busy as usual, we were sat and immediately had popadoms, pickles and menus placed before.  We opted to skip starters and concentrate on the mains.  I selected my usual Lamb Methi and BT Chicken Jalfrazi.  With Rotis and Chappatis respectively.  What we received was as near to perfection as I can imagine ever receiving.  The crisp aroma offered by the fenugreek (the methi) is intoxicating, and the texture of uber dry textbook Bradford Curry is basically what we are all here reading/writing this page for.  The Jalfrazi was equally bone dry and was supplemented with egg and garden peas.  It tasted slightly sweeter and milder, when compared to my Methi, and was remarked as being excellent.

Sheesh Mahal really are on top of their game at the moment.

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  1. love your blog.....but don't fancy garden pears in a curry!

  2. :-) Thanks - noted and corrected. I need to employ the Mrs as proof reader I think??

    Glad you enjoy the blog and I'll keep you posted if anymore garden fruits turn up in our lovely Bradford Curry.