Monday, 17 March 2014

Pakeezah Food2Go

Boy we are greedy!  Ordered just a little too much at Pakeezah Food2Go today!

However, walking into Pakeezah Food2Go when feeling hungry, with all the food on show in the counter, the smells and the hustle and bustle, it's easy to get carried away.  So on top of the splendid Samosa Chaats, I had an additional Lamb Shawarma, and Lynda went the whole hog with Lamb Chops on a Naan with all the trimmings!  

Now that's what I call a massive bowl of Samosa Chaat...
Well what can I say?  Brilliant as always.  The Samosa Chaats alone were massive!  But as we know, size isn't everything, and the well documented quality of Pakkezah's Samosa Chaat was much in evidence today. Lashings of chickpea, tamarind and yoghurt smothered the tasty crushed samosas.  The fresh onions, chilli and garam masala garnish added the fresh zing and fire.  It's all things to all men - blow your head of heat one mouthful, cooling yoghurt the next, sour the next, crunchy the next, etc, etc.  A must try I reckon.

Lamb Chops on Naan with all the trimmings.
Once the Chaat was finished off, and already feeling a little pogged, the Chops on Naan arrived!  Four amply proportioned, excellent quality, mouth wateringly freshly grilled, and tasty chops, on an equally freshly tandoored naan, with all the trimming, arrived!  It was fantastic.

Not strictly curry related so won't comment too much on the Shawarma, but it was also excellent. Quite keen on these at the moment, and often have them from a local shop near my work.  They are tasty.

One thing we noticed today more than others was the clientele. For a start, Pakeezah was heaving.  Also, it seemed a place to meet for business as well as just socially.  We noticed boys from Aakash Balti, in vibrant pink polo shirts, and also I'm pretty sure Omar Khan - restaurateur, businessman and one time saviour of Bradford Bull - was in!  They were obviously missing out the middleman and going straight to the source of great VFM Bradford fodder.

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