Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sheesh Mahal

Having recently decided to re-visit some of my favourite Bradford Curry Houses, and some of my favourite dishes, a trip to the Sheesh Mahal for their Mutton Methie (sic), was a must.  The Sheesh Mahal produce an excellent and text book Bradford Curry, which is essentially dark and dry. No soupy curries here.
Methi, or fenugreek as it's perhaps more commonly known, is essentially just a bitter herb, and is famed not only for it's taste, but also for medicinal uses.  The Sheesh utilise methi to the max in their Methie dishes and, like all great dishes, it's the flavour and textural balances that I think are key.  The Mutton Methie is always well seasoned and spiced.  The methi herb adds a unique and pleasant bitterness and, therefore, a flavour profile unlike other curries.  The bitterness is subtle, however, and moreish if anything.  I always think there is a sort of 'dusty' taste to the methi also.

The Excellent Mutton Metie, Two Rotis, pickles, side salad and popadom for £6.50

Also, as already mentioned is the texture of the Sheesh Mahal's curry is key to its enjoyment for me.  Being of the typically Bradfordian dry variety, it stays put in the bowl, and does not seep or ooze.  It is ideal when scooping with the included chappatis, rotis or naan.    

As always at the Sheesh Mahal, a small accompaniment of a popadon, side salad and pickles are included and brought with the menus.  So its an all-round proper Bradford Curry eating experience and all for super value for money (all the above for £6.50!) - and that's why the Sheesh rates highly with me. 

Satisfied Customer

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