Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Yaadgaar - Breakfast a Study #5

Yaadgaar, on Leeds Road, Bradford must be fairly new - or at least very well kept, as it all seems shiny and very clean.  As you enter, a counter, spread well with traditional sweets, greets you perpendicularly to the frontage of the shop, and there are a couple of small tables and bars with high stools.  Pretty relaxed feel to the place.  Posters on the walls promise a plethora of products, both sweet and savory, and all looks very nice.

Late Breakfast was the order of the day, but rather than messing about sitting and bothering with a menu... "Do you do Chana Puri Breakfast please?" I chimed to the bloke behind the counter.... seemed the perfect opening gambit.  "We do the the Chana, but not Puri's..."  "Puris are pretty greasy... but we do Parathas if you like?"  "I'll have that then!"  Sorted. Happy days.

I took my seat facing a little stumpy wall!  Quite why I have no idea... sitting looking at a wall!  Tsk! Anyway, after a bit of banging and clattering the Chana and Parathas arrived, and the guy was attentive and asked if I wanted pickle and if all was OK.  I fancied a bit of pickle on the side, so off he scurried.  It soon appeared.

I presume by the haste in which the fodder arrived, the food was pre-made.  It doesn't matter, just an observation.  Certainly the parathas has a ready made aspect to them.  However, they were very flavourful, in that fried bread kind of way and were all warm, crispy and flaky, and gooy in the middle, a little like flattened and fresh croissants.  Quite quite moreish.

The chana were pretty oily but tasted right enough.  Fairly sort of plain tasting and really benefited from the addition of the pickle to zing things up a bit.

A good little snack breakfast for ~£3.50, so no complaints.  I'll definitely visit again, and maybe sample some sweets, samosa chaat, faloodao and Kashmiri tea. 

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