Sunday, 7 September 2014

All new Mughals - Breakfast a Study #6

After a rather lengthy refurbishment, Mughals is now back open and fully operational.  On entering, it is clear a total overhaul has been undertaken.  The main counter has been moved and is now perpendicular to the entrance, off to the left, but the main semi open kitchen and general shape of the room have remained essentially the same.  The extra room provided with the sweet counter re-positioning, is now filled with extra tables and chairs.  The decore is all modern cream floor tiles, dark wood and cream leatherette seats.  Nice.

An early visit for me for my first visit since the refurb, so channa puri breakfast was ordered.  I fancied a pink tea but... no pink tea!  I was told it was being made and was 4hrs away! I said it's ok I'll wait, but I think my joke was lost on the waiter!

The channa I think is cooked fresh so takes a couple ofminutes to arrive.  It's very good and is smooth and mild with subtle flavour of curry - similar to chipshop curry almost I suppose - but don't let that comparison jade your ideas of what is on offer - it's far superior.  A dollop of lime pickle stirred through at the end adds sour blasts periodically! Bang!  No cutlery so all must be conveyed on the three greasy puris which isn't a problem but can get messy!  It is just the most wonderful breakfast experience by far.... Especially when the £2.50 asking price is factored in too.

I will be back soon for full blown curry :-)

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