Friday, 19 September 2014

Sheesh Mahal Quickie

Much has been written regarding the quality of the Sheesh Mahal dining experience, so I shan't go into too much detail again here.  But... essentially..., our early lunch time visit was greeted by an initially empty restaurant, which soon began to fill as peoples bellies began to rumble.  The usual quick and friendly service was in evidence, as was the complimentary popadons and pickle to nibble on whilst deciding.  So what to have?  The Methie is one of my Bradford Curry highlights, but to day felt like a Pathia day...

Pathia - A hot and sour dish cooked using fresh chilli, lemon juice (sic).  Well, it was indeed just that - I went for the mutton variety. The Pathia was super dry in the Sheesh Mahal, and Bradford, way, and deconstructed in appearance, with the major elements visible.  It was a substantially hearty portion, dense with meat -  cut small - with barely any evidence of sauce at all!  The saucy aspect was so minimal that even browned markings on the meat from the fast and hot cooking process were noticeable.  The meat on this occasion was perhaps a little tough but packed, infused even, with the sour lemon juicy zingy hit.  It packed a punch too, with plenty of heat, but not uncomfortably so.  The dish was perfectly seasoned and had added vibrancy from fresh coriander.  It was a great dish.

The two perfect roti's (either chapati's, naan or roti's are included in the price of the curry) were more than enough bread for the curry.  Limited dippage, due to minimal sauce, but utilised effectively to transfer bucket loads of Pathia to my mouth - nothing more needed.

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