Monday, 15 October 2012

The Kashmir

Once in a while I like to pop into The Kashmir.  It's like my home away from home, and the place I have eaten most Bradford Curry in over the years.  Although in my youth I never ever really went anywhere else, now, with my new found Bradford Curry knowledge, I no longer consider it the best, except for the bhaji's and naan that is!  Recently too, curry has improved a great deal.

However, the Kashmir soft spot remains to this day, and still remains the place I would take a newbie to experience hardcore Bradford Curry.

Old Kashmir sign overlooking the car park to the rear.  If I told you they
were bullet holes* would you be surprised?

'WELCOME TO THE KASHMIR'.  Down these stairs, into the bowels of
t'Kash, where perpetual night reigns, is one of THE all time
Bradford Curry eating experiences. 

No windows!  It's forever any time of the day you like in the Kashmir.

The Kashmir's Onion Bhaji - My favourite.  Crispy onion shards give way to
softer doughy insides.  Not overly powerful on the onion flavour front, I
like to much them with the raw  onion salad and dipped in the mint sauce.

The Meat Karahi excellent too.  Rich but not overly oily.  The dry(ish) texture
of the dish is also and meat rich, and gives you something good to gnaw at,
and very garlicky. 
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* I elaborate for dramatic effect.  I don't think for one minute they are!

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