Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Sheesh Mahal Study Continues...

Right then.  The study of the Sheesh Mahal's Lamb Methi rumbles on.  Another opportunity to sample this splendid dish presented itself just the other day, and was an opportunity not to be turned down. The Sheesh's new early opening times now allows such indulgence with ease.
Being hungry, I thought I would treat myself to a starter - onion bhaji.  It was a fair old portion, and, being a lone diner, with no one to help out, I rather wished I hadn't ordered it!  However, for me at least, the portion size was the only notable attribute to the dish!  Yes readers, I think I may have found a chink in Sheesh Mahal's armor.  Their onion bhaji was not exactly to my taste, to be honest, and comprised large slithers of onion coated in a flimsy, brittle batter.  The batter tended to fall from the onion if handled too vigorously.  However, this did not stop me from eating the whole lot!

On the other hand, the Methi was, without question, another lesson in perfection.  A little more open textured than the super heavy version served on my last visit.  Here, it was possible to identify herbs, veg, etc  within the sauce.  Still thick and sumptuous, it was a delight.

So, another successful Sheesh Mahal visit done and dusted.  No one would ever accuse me of being stuck in a rut!

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