Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Taste of Trinidad, Leeds

Big Tone finishes his Rice and Peas with
the Dhalpouri Roti in the foreground

No, but sometimes for the well travelled Bradford Curry eating aficionado such as myself, eating in the Curry Capital of Britain is not always possible and, when out and about in neighbouring Leeds - a cool place but notoriously bad for eating I find - I try to get some Windies food in.  Hence A Taste of Trinidad (AToT).

I appreciate Bradford curries from many of the giants such as Akbars, Aagrah, Newaab, Mumtaz can be procured in Leeds, but only in the evenings and, to me, it just doesn't seem quite right?  I don't know why?  Please note, however, A Taste of Trinidad isn't exactly Leeds city centre - nor are any of the other likely sources of West Indian fodder in Leeds - and you are looking at a good 10min drive/35min walk from City Square.  So a little bit of dedication is necessary.  But it's worth it.

I spotted AToT during the Capletown Carnival last summer.  It looked good, and I was keen to make a visit.  However, I'm not called John the 'Speedy' Bradford Curry Blogger, and my return to the area to sample the the food has been some what leisurely!  And the buffet lunch - I spotted advertised on AToTs facebook page over the Christmas period - seemed like the perfect opportunity to sample their fare, especially with my increasingly fussy little girl in tow!

We arrived to be told the buffet was no longer being run!  Not enough interest apparently!  WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE OF LEEDS!  We were informed by the very friendly proprietor that there were also a few other issues with availability of certain things on the menu - such as the children's meals!  Eeek!  He offered to do the Fry Bake - basically some crispy fried flat bread - with red sauce, and he also chucked in some chicken nuggets.  Izzy seemed to quite like it so we were happy.

Curry Goat - as part of the Goat Dhalpouri Roti
Thankfully there was no issue with the Main Courses, and Big Tone ordered the Chicken Curry with Rice and Peas, and I ordered the Goat Dhalpouril Roti.  Many of the words seem pretty familiar don't they?  Dhal, Pouril and Roti, all have roots in Indian food.

Big Tone's dish is fairly self explanatory, and tasted fantastic.  The flavour of sunshine oozed from the dish, with abundant smooth and sweetish coconut.  The chicken added a lighter note to the dish compared to the traditional goat version I tried in the past.  Bit spicy too.  Yum Yum!  My Goat Dhalpouril Roti may need a little more explanation?  It needed describing to me that's for sure.  It comprised a puri type flat bread stuffed with crushed 'stuff' - I presume the dhal?  With a bowl of Curry Goat, which was embellished with some chickpeas and potato.  It was quite delightful.  The curry, like the chicken version, possessed a full rich flavour of coconut, and some heat too.  The goat added a much richer, and stronger meaty flavour to the dish and melted in the mouth.  I enjoyed it very much.

I love these Caribbean curries, and A Taste of Trinidad do a very good version.  They make a refreshing change to the usual, and I'll be making a return visit. 

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