Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sheesh Mahal Christmas Special

The perks of mixing with the top brass curry eating gliterati - Hector Curry Heute and entourage - are many, and here, during this Christmas time visit to the Sheesh Mahal,  the full blown Sheesh Mahal experience was experienced.  An experience not to be missed.  More of this.... er, experience, lower down.

Hector had been in Yorkshire for a few days already - mainly over Huddersfield way - for New Year, and had already squeezed several Bradford Currry's in (Sheesh and International I think) prior to our arranged lunch time visit.  This guy is seriously dedicated, and I highly recommend checking out his website for all things curry.

Mutton Patia
On arrival, the Sheesh was all shut up?  Contrary to the recent new(ish) 11:30am opening time, this seemed slightly puzzling.  Thankfully, just as we were stood outside formulating a plan B, the staff came jogging round the corner.  Unnecessary apologies for their slight lateness were ushered away, and we ventured inside.

All the usual high standard Sheesh customer service was in evidence, with complimentary poppadoms and pickles, and also the willingness to to prepare dishes off the cuff.  Fish seemed the order of the day amongst a couple of our dining party and, although not strictly offered as an option on the menu, the request was greeted with a 'you only need to ask' expression.  I should perhaps mention here that the Sheesh had unfortunately had a break in overnight, and some of the staff were slightly preoccupied.  Understandable, and in no way effected the service we received.

I decided to try something different from the menu this time, rather than my staple, and gorgeous Methie, and selected a Mutton Pathia.  All our dishes arrived in good time and, as usual, I was not disappointed.  My Pathia was, in all fairness, fairly similar in both appearance and taste to my usual Methie.  It was dark and dry, and flecked with green herbs.  The taste was in the same ball park too, but, as per the menu description, a tad sourer, and also hotter.  All the hallmark Bradford Curry tastes were there, and I felt refreshed post meal from the pummeling my taste buds had received.  With two fresh, soft and crispy at the same time, rotis, ample food was ordered.

Kashmiri Tea

Then the promise of something special - a 'dish of the day' so to speak, was offered to the table.  We had to guess the food!  Not too adventurous me, at the best of times, I was a little nervous, but the dish duly arrived.  I shirked at first, and after hearing from the more gung-ho, that the the dish was in fact tripe, I continued my shirk!  Chicken drumsticks and a partha were brought too - all on the house - and these were very good, but I could not bring myself to try tripe!

All this was finished off with Kashmiri Tea and a small plate of sweets!  I'd never had Kashmiri Tea before, and I am well and truly hooked.  It was lovely.  Slightly pink, delicately spiced, sweet and warm.  Very good.

All this for about £7pp!  You just couldn't make it up!

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