Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pakeezah Samosa Chaat

I'm a big fan of the Pakeezah Cafe.  Nice food and very very good value for money.

Samosa Chaat
It was nice to pop in for a quick dinner the other day whilst visiting Bradford.  And what better dish to have for a quickly than Samosa Chaat.  I've written quite a bit about this dish already here and there, as it is one of my favourites   I love the textures of the smashed samosoa and chickpeas, and the hot/cold thingy.  Also the sweet/sour combo from the curry and the tamarind is excellent.  Then there is the heat.  Normally served with freshly chopped chilli's on top, it can be quite eye watering at times.  All round great dish.

It was noted during our visit to Pakeezah, that the nice big booths, which I thought added an excellent dimension to the Pakeezah Cafe eating experience (see here), had been removed, and the cafe area reduced in size to accommodate more sweet counters and fridges.  Seems a shame, but obviously Pakeezah seem to think it better for their customers.  

The quality for price of their cafe food has not been affected.

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