Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Delhi Sweet Centre, Curry Mile, Manchester

On the Curry Mile
On my travels yet again - I really do need to get some Bradford Curry in.  Slacking!

So here we are in bandit country - Manchester, on another weekend away racing push bikes, and, following a few celebratory post race drinks the previous evening, in need of a curry breakfast.

Delhi Sweet Centre on the Curry Mile seemed to fit the bill.

Sunday Breakfast Special - Chana, Puri and Halwa

Not much to say other than perfectly acceptable Chana Puri.  We also indulged in the Halwa - like a bowl of sweet semolina 'stuff' - nice.  A bowl of Chana, a bowl oh Halwa, and more puri's than you can shake a stick at came to £4pp.  Excellent value and just what was needed.

Trying to work the curry off!
Hopefully... soon... back to the the Bradford Curry.

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  1. I concur with your assessment on chana puri breakfast.