Monday, 1 July 2013

Fathers Day at Pakeezah

Even though a dinner time Bradford Curry of MY choice was to be MY Fathers Day treat, the Mrs saying "I fancy Samosa Chaat at Cafe Pakeezah", kind of loosely translates to "we are going to Cafe Pakeezah!"*

Not grumbling - I consider Cafe Pakeezah to be a little bit of a hidden gem.  Not quite as plush as it once was, now the large booths have been removed, and you defo feel a little bit more like you are sitting in the corner of a supermarket now.  Oh and the service can be a little hit and miss - basically don't expect restaurant quality service.  But the food served up for the price is excellent.

The cafe was quiet when we arrived and we did sit for quite a while, and were contemplating having to go and bring to the attention of staff our presence, when a waiter turned up.  Orders taken, and everything was soon winging it's way to our table.  Once the cogs were in motion, food came quickly.

Mrs Bradford Curry Blogger (MBCB) did indeed order the Samosa Chaat.  And from what I understand it was brill.  The crushed up meaty samosas smothered in yoghurty chickpea sauce and tamarind, and garnished with fresh chilli, is a fantastic dish.  It attacks all the taste buds, has varying textural notes, hot/cold elements and cooling/spicy aspects that swirl around the mouth.  It is great.

Although I was temped with the Chaat, MBCB wouldn't commit to allowing me two curries in one day, so I opted for for the safety of ensuring one a full blown curry!  And ordered a full blown curry - a Meat and Spinach (no distinction between balti/handi/karahi/etc at Pakeezah).  I also had a Garlic Naan.

Soon I was munching away.  My Lamb and Spinach was a little on the oily side, but other than that it was meaty, flavorsome and generally splendid.  My Naan was in a league of its own, and was super fresh, soft and crispy, and perfectly garlicy.

I was more than satisfied, and full to the point of not even having tea later on!  That's a fair old portion!  So Cafe Pakeezah is excellent but not really a full on restaurant experience.  Keep up the good work.3

*Just in case you are reading my dear... I'm only teasing for the benefit of the readers - I loved my Fathers Day treat.

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