Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Mighty Shimla Spice - My Birthday Treat

WWwwwoooohhhhhooooo a Birthday curry - and WWwwwoooohhhhhooooo the mighty Shimla Spice.

Popadom Frenzy!

I'm not sure why that, up to the mentioned above Birthday curry, we'd only ever been to Shimal Spice once! When we visited it before, as the now disbanded Bradford Curry Club, we had a great evening and we raved about the food.  In addition, Shimla Spice is fairly close to us in Guiseley, and it wins lots and lots of awards.  It's total madness!

Birthday Boy with a Naan on a Stick
Anyway, enough already, we've finally made it back, and from what we experienced we certainly shan't be leaving it quite so long next time I can promise you.  From the offset, spirits were high - it was my Birthday* - I had just returned from a stonking ride at the Great Manchester Cycle, and was buzzing.  A hearty refuel was desperately needed - something I was sure Shimla Spice would be able to offer.  I had a few people joining me too, and the whole episode was rather reminiscent of the old Bradford Curry Club days - oh how I miss it.

So on to the food. But, before we get there even, one of my fave little touches, at any restaurant for that matter, is poppadoms and pickles delivered immediately to the table.  Shimla Spice delivered and the appetite was well and truly whetted by the general nibbling.  Also, Shimla Spice is BYO - happy days.  Top marks so far.

For starters it had to be the epic Mixed Grill.  It was well received by all who sampled it.  A piled high sizzling platter stuffed with the usual chops, kebabs, chicken tikka, and fish.  All this was intertwined with a mass of tangled sweet onions.  Excellent.  Even my daughter, who's usual line of "I don't like curry", commented on the Grill with a "that fish was lovely!"  Great stuff.

Lamb Achari

My main was Lamb Achari.  This again was brilliant. It managed to be both nicely hot and lip smackingly sour.  It attacked my head straight from the first mouth full, and sent me into a spin of huffing and puffing a little with the heat and facial contortions from the sourness.  Amazing!  Although my fellow dinners must have wondered what was going on!  It was also high quality with good and plentiful meat and minimal oil.  The Achari was off the Specials Menu, and was also tagged with 'Award Winning Dish', so guess it should have been something special... It was.

After all this I was in heaven, and had had a wonderful Birthday*

*Well Birthday Eve to be completely honest!

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